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7 Simple Rules For Maintaining Vocal Cord Health

October 07, 2022 / by Julie Adams

Not many people worry about their voice, but for singers, actors, and even teachers, the voice is an instrument used to do your job with. Maintaining good vocal cord health is if you are going to protect your vocal folds from damage.

Here are 7 simple rules and tips if you want to keep your vocal cords happy and healthy.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water not only benefits your overall health, but it's crucial in Read More

How to Minimize Vocal Fatigue

June 08, 2022 / by Brian Collins

Have you ever really experienced vocal fatigue?  A hoarse voice, scratchy throat, dry mouth, broken notes, gasping for breath... Let's face it, vocal fatigue sucks, but to mute any alarm bells that may be sounding already, you will be glad to know that it's not a medical condition. Yet, according to WebMD, vocal fatigue is related to about 80 conditions that should concern you.

This su...

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The Importance of Warming Up Your Voice Before Singing

July 13, 2021 / by Julie Adams

Every singer knows the sound of their own singing voice. It’s our personal identification sound of sorts. Yet, we also know our voice does not always sound the same. Try singing straight from a nap and you may not recognize your own voice. A proper vocal warm up is the only way to be absolutely sure you can control what comes out of your mouth when you sing.

And the benefits of a good vocal warm-up do not end there.

In fact, vocal warm ups should be a central feature of every singer's voice care regimen. The show business is replete with exampl...

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A Guide To Ear Training for Singers

November 13, 2022 / by Brian Collins

Only 20 percent of singing skill is down to vocal control. The other 80 percent is determined by how well your music ear is trained. That’s a quite remarkable fact, don't you agree? It's true that some have a stronger singing voice than other, but while you may sing with your voice, it’s your sense of hearing that’s truly responsible for the quality of your singing. 

How your ear decodes musical note pitches shapes your identity as a singer. Your musical ear is also responsible how well, or uniquely, you reproduce musical notes with your voice. &...

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How Much Singing is Too Much?

February 05, 2022 / by Julie Adams

Ever heard that hard work pays off, and practice makes perfect? This is true in most cases, but when it comes to singing, you might try a different approach from time to time. When considering your vocal chord health, it's very possible that you can sing too much. The reality is...it’s not always possible to pinpoint an exact amount of hours that may be enough. Equally, it's hard to say exactly how much singing is too much singing.

Several factors influence different singers in different ways, and these will determine how long a singer is able t...

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How to Choose the Right Song for My Audition

January 11, 2022 / by Brian Collins

One of the most challenging things about auditions is choosing the right song. Choose the right song and you might just ace it...choose the wrong song, and you're out. We've all seen American Idols. You only have 30 seconds to impress the judges, so you have to make it count! And so many people fail all because of the wrong song choice!

To avoid this costly mistake, here are some tips to help you stand out from your competition and shine like the star you are. This is your chance, so grab it wi...

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How To Sing With Confidence

September 05, 2022 / by Brian Collins

Have you ever wondered why you are most expressive when singing to yourself? You hit all the notes and even add some dance moves. But, as soon as you try singing in front of an audience, you start to clench up. Put simply, many of us sing better when we know nobody is watching. Why is that?

For some people, it's more than just stage fright. Stage fright can be overcome, but a lack of confidence can be somewhat harder to do. When you are al...

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How To Correct Nasal Singing

December 09, 2022 / by Julie Adams

We've all heard singers with a nasal quality. For most people, nasal singing can become extremely displeasing on the ear, to say the least. But, if you show pronounced nasality in your singing voice, don't be discouraged! The good news is that nasality can be eliminated with the correct exercises and the retraining of your inner ear. The real question is, what creates a voice that is too nasal in quality; and what exactly can be done about it?

The Real Reason Behind Nasality

Singing in a more nasal tone is very common. The reason for this co...

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How to Find Your Own Vocal Range

December 06, 2022 / by Julie Adams

Vocal range varies from person to person and depends on several different factors – which is a good thing! Otherwise, we would all sound the same. Can you imagine how boring that would’ve been? Your vocal range is influenced by the vocal cords that you’re born with, your diction, speech and singing habits, as well as your hearing ability. And don’t forget about your training and dedication. It’s also important to keep in mind that your vocal range can change a lot before reaching a certain level of maturity – which is usually in our late twenties. But ...

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My Voice Cracks When I Sing

April 09, 2021 / by Brian Collins

Vocal cracks are actually a common problem for beginner singers. But, you can take heart in the fact that you’re not alone! Even the experienced singers have their days. When your voice cracks as you sing, it usually happens involuntarily and can be caused by numerous factors. To help you avoid these vocal cracks, here is a guide to take you through the possible causes and give you tips on how to prevent them.

How To Avoid Getting Cracks When I Sing?

In order for you to avoid your voice from cracking, it’s important to pinpoint the ...

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The Importance of Staying Hydrated When You're Singing

March 02, 2022 / by Julie Adams

The one sure, science-backed way to care for your singing voice is to stay hydrated. It may not cure any pre-existing conditions, but drinking sufficient amounts of water will help prevent most common voice issues. Most of the problems we experience are caused by life choices and daily habits we take for granted, like smoking, and drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks.To understand why staying hydrated is important for proper voice care, it may be necessary to look at the science behind your voice.

Voice Production

We owe our natural voices to the ...

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Will Better Cardio Make Me a Better Singer?

June 26, 2022 / by Julie Adams

Cardio and singing rarely get mentioned together. It is more a buzzword for physical fitness buffs. But when you sit to consider the general benefits of good cardio health, you'll also come to realize that it's important to a singer. A strong singer like Adele will no doubt have improved her cardio

Cardio is short for cardiovascular, which refers your heart, lungs, and a network of arteries that pump blood, nutrients, and oxygen to your body’s vital organs. So, generally, when we speak of cardio we are referring to anything that helps the cardiovascular system wo...

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Can Yoga Really Help My Singing?

December 25, 2021 / by Julie Adams

Are you a singer or a performer, or simply one who loves to sing in the shower? Did you know that doing yoga could actually help you to hit those high notes! By incorporating yoga into your everyday routine, you could be doing a lot of good for your voice.  Not only will you be singing better in no time, you'll look good doing it! 

What is yoga and how will it help my singing?

Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. 

The Hindu discipline is widely practiced for...

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Vocal Coach vs Voice Teacher: Whats The Difference?

March 06, 2022 / by Julie Adams

The titles vocal coach and voice teacher have been used interchangeably, and truth be told - recklessly, for too long, even by people claiming them. It may seem the differences may only be a matter of interpretation. There is a difference, and failing to see it may actually hurt your development as a singer. To understand the difference between the two, a few things are important to point out. For one, there is a difference between vocals and voices. Vocals are the musical sounds you make with your voice. Secondly, a coach and a teacher is not the same thing.

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How Singing Changes Your Brain

March 06, 2021 / by Brian Collins

Singing and music have the amazing ability to cheer us up. Whether you are singing along to your favorite songs at a concert or just rocking it out in the shower, singing is an art form that's more than just a way of entertainment. Across the world, across all cultures, religions, and ethnic groups, singing has been a significant feature of human behavior throughout time. No matter whether you think you're good at it or not, when there is singing, you react and connect to it.

Scientists have been fascinated by the physical, social, and psychological effects singing has...

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10 Tips To Learn Singing and Playing Guitar At The Same Time

December 08, 2021 / by Joseph Evans

Have you ever wondered how people play the guitar and sing at the same time? If not, you may not have realized that it looks a lot easier than it actually is.

If you want to play guitar and sing along, or you happen to be in a band, learning to play guitar and sing simultaneously is a skill that you will need to learn. It won't just come naturally for most people. 

So, to get you started, here are 10 tips to help you learn to sing and play the guitar at the same time:

1. Know How To Play and Sing Individually

If you want to star...

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How To Relax Your Vocal Cords For Singing

September 01, 2022 / by Brian Collins

When you are singing, stress of any kind can affect your vocals, but in particular tension just before a performance can put an undue amount of strain on your voice.

This is mostly due to how we react to stress without even realising it. These mistakes can easily be negated if you can teach yourself to be aware of them.

Once you know what to look for, it’s simply a case of reminding yourself how to counteract these bad habits and after time, it will become second nature. 

Here are some tips to help you relax your vocal cords. Read More

How To Strengthen Your Vocal Cords For Singing

July 15, 2021 / by Julie Adams

There are a few habits you can apply in your day to day life to strengthen your vocal cords. Just like athletes maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, performers should also live a lifestyle that reflects their chosen art. 

With a few elementary changes, you could achieve a healthier and stronger vocal cord strength. In no particular order, here they are:

Warm Up

Warming up your vocal cords is arguably the most important thing any singer can ...

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How To Prevent Vocal Cord Damage

October 05, 2022 / by Julie Adams

To cheekily make use of Gollum’s favorite word in the whole wide world, your voice is your "precious". Just like you can never replace your health or youth once it is gone, you need to look after the one voice that you have been given.

Adele, Björk and Rod Stewart are just three examples of singers who have had their singing careers affected by vocal cord damage and other problems.

Strain, overuse, illness, stress, voice nodules (growths) and incorrect si...

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Become A Better Singer By Learning To Breathe Correctly

March 08, 2021 / by Julie Adams

When it comes to singing correctly, there are key aspects that can mean the difference between a singer that is average and a singer that is good. One of these very important aspects is your breathing while you sing.

Breath control is vital to good tonal variation and consistency and is key to advancing to a skilled level in singing. However, proper breath control is not a natural way of breathing for us. You, therefore, need to practice and train your diaphragm for it to help improve your breathing, which in ...

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Are Voice Lessons Tax Deductible?

January 02, 2022 / by Brian Collins

Taking extra lessons of any kind can become a costly exercise. When it comes to music lessons, you’re looking for the playback and not the payback. Week by week, however, these lessons can add up, and you want to know you that you’re getting your money’s worth in expertise.

Have you invested a lot in extra music lessons in the past year? Are you looking for a way to reduce your taxable income?

Most taxpayers aren’t able to obtain a deduction on their income taxes. There are, however, some ways that mu...

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How To Stand In Proper Singing Posture

November 28, 2022 / by Julie Adams

A lot of people think that great singers are just "born with it". Of course, natural talent and ability will help you go a long way, but rest assured that great singing takes a lot of hard work and practice, even for the best in the world. One of the things a singer needs to constantly work on is their singing posture. Learning how to stand correctly while singing is of utmost importance as it optimizes your breathing, which in turn allows for better voice control. 

How To Know If  You Are Standing Correctly


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What Are The Best and Worst Diets For Singers

June 15, 2022 / by Brian Collins

Your voice, as with any other part of your body, can be used for performance and, not unlike a muscle, you need to take good care of it. This doesn’t just apply to how you use it, how often you practice or the exercises you undertake.

Just as a runner needs a strict diet, so does a singer. If you want to develop your singing voice, you need to eat the right foods in order to maintain the overall health of your body and vocal chords.

With this is mind, I’ve spent a lot of time researching the ideal foods to nu...

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How Much Do Singing Lessons Cost?

May 15, 2022 / by Brian Collins

Singing lessons are vital to ensuring a future singing career, but how much do they actually cost? And is the investment worth the outcome?

 If you just sing for your local choir or church then you may approach lessons from a different perspective. If you are truly serious about  and want to make it as a professional singer, then it's important to invest in your goals and enroll for as many singing lessons as possible. 

How Much Will It Cost To Take Singing Lessons?

Each music teacher w...

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How To Sing With Emotion

May 16, 2022 / by Brian Collins

As a singer, you possess the ability to transport an audience on a musical journey with the gift of your voice.  

Looking at you and seeing the emotion as you sing also adds another magical dimension to the experience of the listener.

Music often leads to us experiencing emotions of our own and it also enables us to relate to what the singer is feeling. This makes you not only connect more closely to the song, but to the singer as well.

Singing with emotion is a...

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How Often Should I Take Singing Lessons?

November 12, 2022 / by Julie Adams

If you have ever considered taking singing lessons, or maybe started some lessons already,  you would have asked yourself by now, how often you should be taking lessons. 

And that is the question on many people's lips. How many lessons a week do I need to go to in order to steadily improve?

The truth of the matter is that everybody is different and a number of lessons you may require per week or month will depend on a certain number of factors.

Also, we all have unique lives and schedules and your singing lessons will depend...

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How To Develop a Falsetto

July 20, 2022 / by Julie Adams

A falsetto is a method of singing usually used by male singers as it enables you to sing higher notes than your normal range would allow. 

Some confuse their falsetto and head voice but, unlike your head voice,  a falsetto is more breathy.   

How To Develop Your Falsetto

There are a few ways to develop your falsetto. As always, your first priority should always be to keep your voice healthy, so the most important thing to remember is that you shou...

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10 Tips Guaranteed To Make You a Better Singer

January 30, 2022 / by Julie Adams

Whether you are playing sports, tackling a personal project or singing your way through the day, there are always ways to improve your skills and build on your natural talent. 

When it comes to singing, you might be blown away by just how simple it actually is to improve your voice by following a few simple rules. And best of all, often the results are almost instant!

Here are 10 of the best tips that are guaranteed to make you a better singer:

Tip 1 - Don't skip warm-ups!

Never underestimate the value of a good warm u...

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How To Sing With Vibrato

May 10, 2022 / by Julie Adams

Vibrato brings a sense of warmth to a note, whether it is being sung or played on an instrument, like a guitar for example. Singing with natural vibrato makes your voice sound amplified and enhances the tone.

It is often considered unique to the classical music genre, but many musical folks may disagree. Not all singers practice vibrato though and some even sing their longer notes with a straight tone, only adding vibrato in at the very end of the note.

Just like you don’t necessaril...

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4 Tips That Will Create Singing Clarity In Your Voice

March 20, 2021 / by Brian Collins

Having a clear, audible voice is an important part of singing, especially if you are planning to perform in front of an audience. In the same way that you can remove static and tune a radio station to crystal clearness, we can also develop singing clarity in our voices. 

Here are 4 things guaranteed to improve your singing clarity:

4. Record yourself

Something that sounds clear to you might not necessarily sound the same to your audience.

Consider recording yourself and then give it a list...

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What Is The Best Way To Improve My Voice Without Singing Lessons?

December 05, 2021 / by Julie Adams

Singing lessons are a fantastic way to improve your voice, and the world's most respected artists have all had lessons at some point or another in their careers. 

A teacher can guide and assist you in numerous ways in order for your voice to grow, strengthen and reach its full potential.

Often though circumstances, unfortunately, do not allow for the taking of singing lessons. It could be for a variety of reasons, including financial limits or perhaps even building your confidence toward singing in front of another person.&...

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Famous Recording Artists You Never Knew Took Singing Lessons

March 01, 2021 / by Julie Adams

It is commonly thought that voice lessons or singing lessons are purely for inexperienced or coming of age singers. While the benefits for beginners and such are vast, make no mistake, voice lessons are for professional singers as much as they are for aspiring ones.  

Why take professional lessons, you may ask...

Singing lessons are the perfect way to reach your full potential. It enables you to train and strengthen your voice which will help you to stay in tune. Your vocal range will expand, i...

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Are Singing Lessons Really Necessary?

August 29, 2021 / by Brian Collins

There is more to singing than just a great-sounding voice. Whether you want to sing purely as a hobby and for your own enjoyment, or professionally as a performer, the question for many people is... do you really need singing lessons?

Well, in short, you could be a beginner or an advanced singer, and singing lessons will benefit you. Lessons can help to improve your natural talent and kickstart your musical/singing career. If you are starting out at a young age, then it is important to know how to correctly develop your voice right from the ve...

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How Many Singing Lessons Do I Need?

September 08, 2021 / by Julie Adams

What is the desired singing level you’d like to reach? Do you want to see and hear noticeable improvements in your vocals, as well as hone in on a good approach to singing? 

Do you want to be better in tone and pitch, to strengthen your vocal range and stamina, and have a more professional sound? Or is your aim to sing in tune for your own personal enjoyment?

Singing lessons can be the answer to many of these questions, but what many people wish to know most of all is just how many singing lessons are needed in order to become...

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What Can I Expect At My First Voice Lesson

September 09, 2022 / by Brian Collins

Have you ever wanted to try singing lessons and wondered what to expect?  Singing in front of strangers can be especially daunting if you are not experienced at it or have never done it before. The first thing to remember is that singing lessons are nothing like an audition for a broadway show or idols. 

Your teacher is not a judge, they aren’t there to criticize you. They want to help you improve. Your vocal coach is there to help you be the best singer you can be and they are there to boost your confidence and without makin...

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When Is The Right Age To Start Voice Lessons?

August 07, 2021 / by Brian Collins

Voice lessons, or singing lessons, are not only beneficial to professionals or adults, but will provide many benefits and vital foundation training to children as well. 

But the question of what age always seems to crop up everywhere.

Let me start with a word of comfort. 

It is completely safe for your child to undergo voice lessons.

The main thing for you to ensure is that it is with the right coach.

The age

Naturally, a child’s vocal...

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Will Singing Lessons Really Improve My Voice?

March 17, 2022 / by Brian Collins

There are few things as captivating and transcended as music and singing. A singer can truly enchant an audience by the mere use of their voice and it begs the question – is it all down to natural talent, or can each of us actually benefit and improve our voice through singing lessons?  Well...the short and definitive answer to this question is...yes.

Whether you were born with a natural talent or keen to develop whatever your ability is to its full potential, singing lessons are a great way to get started.


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