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How Technology Has Changed Music Lessons

May 06, 2022 / by Helen Baker

Technology has the ability to launch revolutions. And for the last two decades, at least, the internet has fueled innovations that have disrupted almost every industry. It has spawned technologies that have radically changed the way we learn, work, and play everyday. For music learners and teachers alike, the internet has opened a new model that has changed the way music lessons are conducted.

How the Internet Changed the World

From behemoth enterprises like Google, Facebook, and Amazon to the one man businesses, teachers, engineers, and other freel...

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10 Reasons Everyone Should Take Music Lessons

July 15, 2021 / by Helen Baker

Beyond the enjoyment, the money you earn if you make it big, improved hand eye coordination, physical stimulation, and the other noted benefits of music training, perhaps the greatest positive effect happens on the brain. It may not be the most common reason for taking music lessons, but improved brain function should well motivate us all – young and old - to enroll for music lessons.

Research has proven there is a link between music training and cognitive development. It’s also been established that children who take music lessons before they turn nine gain ...

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How Many Music Lessons Should I Take Per Week?

October 29, 2022 / by Julie Adams

Mastering an instrument takes time and dedication. It takes hours of practice and perseverance. You have to work on your fine motor skills and muscle memory while remembering a wide variety of notes, hand positions, and progressions. If it sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. Luckily, this is where the skills of great teachers come in.

Of course, there is the argument as to whether lessons are really necessary, but for ...

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9 Reasons Why Everyone Should Play an Instrument

July 20, 2021 / by Julie Adams

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche had a questioning view on everything and said many things that many people couldn’t quite comprehend at the time. But the things Nietzsche said about music have found a near universal comprehension. These are some of the clearest, most lucid descriptions of the power and beauty of music. The man may have died over a century ago but his body of work is awash with reasons why everyone ought to play at least one instrument.


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Why Musicians Need Yoga

July 05, 2021 / by Helen Baker

Yoga may have been seen as an activity only done by hippies in the past, but studies have proven it to be more than that. Yoga increases your muscle strength, improves your athletic performance, as well as your cardio and circulatory health. The benefits of yoga don’t only stop at an athletic quakity. You can also take your performance to the next level as a musician. Practicing yoga can help improve your endurance, helping you reach a higher level of performance.

Still not convinced of why musicians need yoga? Take a look at these benefits.

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How To Motivate Bored Music Students

December 11, 2022 / by Brian Collins

It is bound to happen at some point. Students will start showing signs of being bored by their music lessons. It's only natural that some people will get bored or even demotivated by their music lessons. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep a bored student motivated.  A student's boredom may not be down to anything accept themselves.

It is important you sit down with them as the teacher or parent and try to find out  what the problem is. Yet, just as important is recognizing, because it's not something they will admit right away. ...

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The Benefits of Improvisation When You're a Musician

April 04, 2021 / by Julie Adams

Most musicians want to do more than only read and play notes. They want to be able to create their own music – which can often come down to improvising in a jam session. Making up your own music or playing around with your instrument can be like a drug. You experience a sense of freedom and have the opportunity to express who you are as an artist.

With the different benefits that come along with improvising, you are guaranteed more than just fun. Improvising during your practice sessions will also make you a better musician. Here are the unexpected benefits of musi...

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How Long Should Music Lessons Be?

May 28, 2021 / by Brian Collins

Should music lesson be 30 minutes long? 45 minutes? An hour? Longer? How much time should be dedicated to music lessons if you want to master the art? In reality, the length of music lessons, regardless of the instrument, will depend on a variety of factors. And even when all is considered, you may still find that both students and teachers will decide the length of a lesson based on personal preference. 

So, the short answer is that there isn’t an established science to how long a music lesson should be. However, beyond personal experience and preference, there are...

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Remember These 10 Tips If You Want To Become a Professional Musician

September 13, 2021 / by Julie Adams

The music industry is not for the faint of heart. You need to be tough and determined to make your passion a career. With all the competition out there, it’s no wonder why making a living can be so difficult. Becoming a professional musician means that you want it more than anything else in the world. And even though luck does play some role in the journey to success, there are many aspects to take into consideration when you want to launch your music career. Your success relies on a delicate balance between dreaming big and setting realistic standards.

Here are 10 very ...

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How Music Improves Your Memory

July 06, 2021 / by Julie Adams

Music affects your brain in many positive ways, and over the years, several studies over the years have proven conclusively that it makes you happier, smarter, and a lot more productive. Whether you need to motivate yourself before cleaning the kitchen, or just wallow in a moment of sadness, there is music for every mood. But the benefits don’t just stop at boosting your mood or productivity.

It turns out music can help y...

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10 Steps To Writing a Hit Song

March 11, 2022 / by Joseph Evans

The art of songwriting is an intriguing subject. Some people can write melodies but struggle with lyrics. For others, writing down wonderful lyrics comes effortlessly, but they simply cannot find a melody in their head for it. And there are many who claim to be able to do both but fail miserably at one or the other. The truth is that writing a hit song isn't easy. If it were, we'd all be doing it!

Luckily, there is no right and wrong when it comes to writing a song. There are, however, certain guidelines, or a sort of recipe, you can follow if you want to try your hand...

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7 Ways To Make It In The Music Industry

June 05, 2022 / by Brian Collins

For some musicians, the journey to the top can be long and winding. For others, it can take the form of a random YouTube video that goes viral. Adele was discovered after her video was posted online by a friend. Even before YouTube, R&B songstress Toni Braxton was reportedly discovered singing and dancing while filling up at a gas station. In the modern age, being discovered has become a lot easier!

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How To Memorize Music

April 01, 2022 / by Joseph Evans

Having a memory slip in the middle of a performance is any musician's nightmare and let’s face it, it's embarrassing. For most performers, it’s one of the biggest anxiety-producing aspects of a live performance. Many people whom we meet have a good memory but are in fact no better than the rest of us. They have just learnt what memory methods work for them and which doesn’t, while the rest of us just hope we don’t forget. The good news is that entire books have been written about memory.

Scientists have made and are still making new discove...

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The Benefits of Sending your Child to Music Lessons

December 17, 2021 / by Joseph Evans

Music has the ability to produce a kind of happiness and pleasure which, in life, we can’t truly do without. Being able to play a musical instrument has many benefits in the development of your child. Most parents who want to enroll their kids for music lessons often wonder at what age their child is ready to play a musical instrument. But whether your child is going to be the next Pop Idol, or just keeping their s...

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The Benefits Of Listening To Classical Music

November 03, 2022 / by Helen Baker

If you’re not into Mozart or Chopin, you might begin to change your mind (no pun intended) when you start to realize the benefits of listening to classical music. And I'm not talking about hearsay or myths, but actual scientific facts. Many studies have conclusively proven that listening to classical music has both psychological and physical benefits; confirming that there are more benefits to embracing classical music than just pure listening pleasure. 

Even though some will think of you as a cultured nerd for making classical music a part of your daily ro...

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How To Overcome Stage Fright

August 09, 2021 / by Brian Collins

Your hands are sweaty and your heart is racing. And if you’re a performer, you will know this feeling. It's called stage fright! Many people would rather go into hiding than onto the stage, but as a singer/musician, that simply is not an option. Whether you are on stage or simply doing your music exam, stage fright is a very strong feeling than can totally ruin a performance. So, it's time to face your fears as we guide you in understanding how to overcome this powerful emotion.

Step 1: What Exactly is Stage Fright?

As human beings, we...

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4 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Instrument

February 11, 2021 / by Helen Baker

Learning something new is always challenging, but the rewards are endless. If you've only just decided to start your musical journey,  welcome!  Even if you aren't at the very start of your path you may still have some pressing questions that need answering. 

If you're looking to buy an instrument that best suits you, here are a few key questions to help you make this big decision a bit easier. 

1.Be Practical 

If you are living in a one bedroom apartment, a grand piano will probably not be an option. ...

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The Pros & Cons of Online Music Lessons

March 02, 2021 / by Joseph Evans

Thanks to modern-day technology and the comforts they provide, anyone can now take music lessons online from just about anywhere they want. This literally opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

Anyone now has the freedom to decide who you want to have music lessons with without being restricted by your city limits. 

It’s now no longer a matter of which teachers are available in your city because with free access to platforms like Skype ...

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How Do Online Music Lessons Actually Work?

December 05, 2021 / by Julie Adams

One of the most obvious benefits that modern technology offers us is the ability to connect with each other without ever having to be in the same room. The world of long distance teaching has also opened up for people who have never before even considered that it would be possible for them to study or take lessons of some sort.

There are many reasons why online music lessons appeal to the masses. Some of these include: 

  • cutting down on travel costs
  • non-existent travel time
  • having a job that requires you to...

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