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How Yoga Can Make You a Better Guitar Player

March 24, 2017 / by Joseph Evans

Being a great guitar player is more than just having a talent. You need determination, mental and physical strength, and a decent amount of flexibility in your hands and fingers. When you practice playing guitar on a regular basis, you develop this needed flexibility and strength. But at the same time, you also need that flexibility and strength because the riffs and technique become more advanced as you progress.

We’re reminded daily that it’s important to keep yourself fit mentally and physically, but is fitness really important for a guitar player? And how can p...

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Why Musicians Need Yoga

March 11, 2017 / by Helen Baker

Yoga may have been seen as an activity only done by hippies in the past, but studies have proven it to be more than that. Yoga increases your muscle strength, improves your athletic performance, as well as your cardio and circulatory health. The benefits of yoga don’t only stop at an athletic quakity. You can also take your performance to the next level as a musician. Practicing yoga can help improve your endurance, helping you reach a higher level of performance.

Still not convinced of why musicians need yoga? Take a look at these benefits.

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7 Simple Rules For Maintaining Vocal Cord Health

March 05, 2017 / by Julie Adams

Not many people worry about their voice, but for singers, actors, and even teachers, the voice is an instrument used to do your job with. Maintaining good vocal cord health is if you are going to protect your vocal folds from damage.

Here are 7 simple rules and tips if you want to keep your vocal cords happy and healthy.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water not only benefits your overall health, but it's crucial in Read More

How To Motivate Bored Music Students

March 03, 2017 / by Brian Collins

It is bound to happen at some point. Students will start showing signs of being bored by their music lessons. It's only natural that some people will get bored or even demotivated by their music lessons. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep a bored student motivated.  A student's boredom may not be down to anything accept themselves.

It is important you sit down with them as the teacher or parent and try to find out  what the problem is. Yet, just as important is recognizing, because it's not something they will admit right away. ...

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How to Minimize Vocal Fatigue

March 01, 2017 / by Brian Collins

Have you ever really experienced vocal fatigue?  A hoarse voice, scratchy throat, dry mouth, broken notes, gasping for breath... Let's face it, vocal fatigue sucks, but to mute any alarm bells that may be sounding already, you will be glad to know that it's not a medical condition. Yet, according to WebMD, vocal fatigue is related to about 80 conditions that should concern you.

This su...

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When Do I Need To Restring My Guitar?

February 22, 2017 / by Joseph Evans

To get right to the point, there is no written rule about when you need to restring your guitar. Some musicians love the broken-in-sound of their old strings, while others like keeping it fresh. So, there is a thin line between changing your strings as a matter of personal preference or a matter of necessity.

Changing your strings depends on a number of factors. This can refer to your preference of sound quality or the number of hours you spend with your guitar. With time, you will be able to know when to restring before a string breaks, which is the most important reaso...

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The Importance of Warming Up Your Voice Before Singing

February 20, 2017 / by Julie Adams

Every singer knows the sound of their own singing voice. It’s our personal identification sound of sorts. Yet, we also know our voice does not always sound the same. Try singing straight from a nap and you may not recognize your own voice. A proper vocal warm up is the only way to be absolutely sure you can control what comes out of your mouth when you sing.

And the benefits of a good vocal warm-up do not end there.

In fact, vocal warm ups should be a central feature of every singer's voice care regimen. The show business is replete with exampl...

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10 Ways To Stay Motivated When You’re Learning the Guitar

February 15, 2017 / by Helen Baker

You can have the best guitar or an excellent ear for music, but if you lack motivation you will not be able to learn the guitar. Your motivation is the key to your guitar-playing success. And if you're struggling to find motivation, remember, you’re not the only one. Many guitar players battle to stay motivated for their practice sessions at some point or another. In most cases, it’s caused by the misunderstanding of how and what you’re supposed to practice.

Here are 10 tips to help you stay motivated when you’re learning the guitar:

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How To Strum The Guitar - Beginner Lessons

February 10, 2017 / by Joseph Evans

Every good teacher knows the importance of right technique and will stress it at every opportunity. It is just as important with the guitar, especially for beginners who must get the basics right from the start. Learning how to play the guitar correctly has a lot to do with how well you master the strumming action.

There is a lot to get through until you can strum well, most of which will depend on how much you practice. But just as playing, you need to know your guitar and its different accessories. With that, an understanding of the basics alongside a few tips and exer...

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How to Improve Your Guitar Playing Speed

February 08, 2017 / by Joseph Evans

Your guitar lessons have progressed well. Your technique is about right. Yet, you've reached a point where you've admitted to yourself that you're still playing as fast as you really want to.You may even be feeling stuck at your current speed, unable to play faster. And you would not be alone in feeling that way.

Faster playing speed is a burning desire for many guitar learners. Unfortunately, any sign of stagnation can cause frustration, boredom and distress, and even cause them to quit.

The ability to play fast enables greater musical expression, wheth...

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