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When Do I Need To Restring My Guitar?

February 22, 2017 / by Joseph Evans

To get right to the point, there is no written rule about when you need to restring your guitar. Some musicians love the broken-in-sound of their old strings, while others like keeping it fresh. So, there is a thin line between changing your strings as a matter of personal preference or a matter of necessity.

Changing your strings depends on a number of factors. This can refer to your preference of sound quality or the number of hours you spend with your guitar. With time, you will be able to know when to restring before a string breaks, which is the most important reaso...

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The Importance of Warming Up Your Voice Before Singing

February 20, 2017 / by Julie Adams

Every singer knows the sound of their own singing voice. It’s our personal identification sound of sorts. Yet, we also know our voice does not always sound the same. Try singing straight from a nap and you may not recognize your own voice. A proper vocal warm up is the only way to be absolutely sure you can control what comes out of your mouth when you sing.

And the benefits of a good vocal warm-up do not end there.

In fact, vocal warm ups should be a central feature of every singer's voice care regimen. The show business is replete with exampl...

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10 Ways To Stay Motivated When You’re Learning the Guitar

February 15, 2017 / by Helen Baker

You can have the best guitar or an excellent ear for music, but if you lack motivation you will not be able to learn the guitar. Your motivation is the key to your guitar-playing success. And if you're struggling to find motivation, remember, you’re not the only one. Many guitar players battle to stay motivated for their practice sessions at some point or another. In most cases, it’s caused by the misunderstanding of how and what you’re supposed to practice.

Here are 10 tips to help you stay motivated when you’re learning the guitar:

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How To Strum The Guitar - Beginner Lessons

February 10, 2017 / by Joseph Evans

Every good teacher knows the importance of right technique and will stress it at every opportunity. It is just as important with the guitar, especially for beginners who must get the basics right from the start. Learning how to play the guitar correctly has a lot to do with how well you master the strumming action.

There is a lot to get through until you can strum well, most of which will depend on how much you practice. But just as playing, you need to know your guitar and its different accessories. With that, an understanding of the basics alongside a few tips and exer...

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How to Improve Your Guitar Playing Speed

February 08, 2017 / by Joseph Evans

Your guitar lessons have progressed well. Your technique is about right. Yet, you've reached a point where you've admitted to yourself that you're still playing as fast as you really want to.You may even be feeling stuck at your current speed, unable to play faster. And you would not be alone in feeling that way.

Faster playing speed is a burning desire for many guitar learners. Unfortunately, any sign of stagnation can cause frustration, boredom and distress, and even cause them to quit.

The ability to play fast enables greater musical expression, wheth...

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How to Restring an Acoustic Guitar

February 08, 2017 / by Joseph Evans

There are a few things that every guitarist needs to know. How to restring your guitar is one of them. Like most things, even a guitar’s strings will begin to show wear and tear after a while. So it’s absolutely necessary hat you know how to restring a guitar. If you have been lucky enough to not have a string break in the middle of a performance, make sure to change the strings when it looks discolored or starts to influence the quality of the sound. Follow these steps to learn how to restring your acoustic guitar. 

Step 1: Remove The Old Stri...

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The Benefits of Improvisation When You're a Musician

January 30, 2017 / by Julie Adams

Most musicians want to do more than only read and play notes. They want to be able to create their own music – which can often come down to improvising in a jam session. Making up your own music or playing around with your instrument can be like a drug. You experience a sense of freedom and have the opportunity to express who you are as an artist.

With the different benefits that come along with improvising, you are guaranteed more than just fun. Improvising during your practice sessions will also make you a better musician. Here are the unexpected benefits of musi...

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A Guide To Ear Training for Singers

January 26, 2017 / by Brian Collins

Only 20 percent of singing skill is down to vocal control. The other 80 percent is determined by how well your music ear is trained. That’s a quite remarkable fact, don't you agree? It's true that some have a stronger singing voice than other, but while you may sing with your voice, it’s your sense of hearing that’s truly responsible for the quality of your singing. 

How your ear decodes musical note pitches shapes your identity as a singer. Your musical ear is also responsible how well, or uniquely, you reproduce musical notes with your voice. &...

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The Importance of Warming Up Before Piano Practice

January 24, 2017 / by Helen Baker

Just like an athlete needs to warm up before a serious exertion, a pianist needs to warm up before playing. Not only can it prevent an injury, it can also develop your fluency a great deal. The traditional piano technique doesn’t include scales and arpeggios to annoy you. It's done to improve your skill as well as finger strength and independence. Because a pianist usually plays more notes per piece than other instruments, warming up is essential. Let's take a look the importance and some of the benefits of warming up before you get into your practice routine.

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How Much Singing is Too Much?

January 24, 2017 / by Julie Adams

Ever heard that “hard work pays off“, and “practice makes perfect”? This is true in most cases, but when it comes to singing, you might try a different approach from time to time. When considering your vocal chord health, it's very possible that you can sing too much. The reality is; it’s not always possible to pinpoint an exact amount of hours that may be enough. Equally, it's hard to say exactly how much singing is too much singing.

Several factors influence different singers in different ways, and these will determine how long a singer ...

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