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4 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Instrument

Last Updated: February 11, 2021 / by Helen Baker

Learning something new is always challenging, but the rewards are endless. If you've only just decided to start your musical journey,  welcome!  Even if you aren't at the very start of your path you may still have some pressing questions that need answering. 

If you're looking to buy an instrument that best suits you, here are a few key questions to help you make this big decision a bit easier. 

1.Be Practical 

If you are living in a one bedroom apartment, a grand piano will probably not be an option. Unless you can store it somewhere.

Also keep in mind that you are going to have to put in a lot of practice in, so might have to take your neighbors into consideration. Don't be that annoying neighbor who keeps everyone awake at odd hours. 

You might have to consider getting a muffler if you live in a highly populated area. With drums, this is a problem, but technology is on our side. You can always get  digital drums.  So be sure to make an honest assessment of your current situation before buying your instrument. 

2. Check Your Budget

We all hate talking about this one , but unfortunately, you may not be a rock star just yet, so money is something that might influence your decision.  You don't have to buy a new instrument, however. 

So, think about the availability of your chosen instrument in your area and browse around for a good deal.

You should also ask someone with more experience than you to help you find a good instrument. If you have a music teacher, they may even be able to make a recommendation. 

If you are going to buy a new instrument, you always have to do a fair amount of research to see what options are available in the instrument you want. Be sure that it's the right one for you before you buy.   

3. Experiment

Go into music stores, and get some hands-on experience with an instrument or two. The most important thing is that it has to feel right. 

If you have to be a contortionist to play a note or two then it's probably not the instrument for you. An instrument should become an extension of your body. 

4. Think About the Music You Like

You obviously have a great love for music, and one of your goals might be to produce a certain kind of sound. 

Be sure to decide exactly the direction you want to go. This will determine the type of lessons you should be taking too.

Choosing an instrument is a personal choice. Taste in music differs, so don't ever choose your instrument based on what others around you may think is cool. 

There's Always Room To Grow

And remember, your first instrument does not need to be your last or only instrument. If you gave it your best shot and you are not feeling it anymore, don't get discouraged. You might just have found the right instrument for you yet. 

Never be afraid to expand on your music style and instrument knowledge. And at the end of the day, it does not really matter what you choose, as long as the journey of learning how play music makes  you happy. 

About the Author: Helen Baker

I am a freelance teacher and writer based in Ann Arbor, MI. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, I spent some time teaching English in Paris and, thereafter, returned to Ann Arbor where I was involved both in the media and academics. Currently I am a stay at home mom, working as a freelance writer and teacher. I love all my guitars and I also have an affinity towards old grand pianos. I love singing, traveling, reading, writing, watching films and spending quality time with my husband.

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