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Top 5 Benefits of Piano Lessons

Last Updated: August 07, 2011 / by Michael Kinney

Some of the most common initial questions people ask when they see someone who is an exceptional piano player include:

  • How long have you been playing piano?
  • What age did you start taking piano lessons?
  • Do you play by ear?
  • Do you read music?

More often than not, if someone is a good player they have taken piano lessons for a good amount of time and from quality teachers. You simply cannot become a great player unless you learn from other piano players and musicians. Whether you take piano lessons in form of regular weekly sessions or just impromptu meetings with other musicians, you need to learn from others to become a better player. A good teacher has the ability to make you learn concepts quicker, inspire you to become better and introduce you to things that you would otherwise have ignored. If you are someone who is thinking about taking piano lessons, here are the top 5 benefits you will get from taking piano lessons.

Learn Piano Faster

When you take piano lessons from a teacher, they will show you how to play things in the most efficient way. If you are learning on your own, you may be trying to accomplish something using the wrong technique or the wrong approach. A teacher can show you how to do something right the first time and make you spend your time learning something the right way.

Correct Mistakes Quicker

This one relates to the first benefit. If you learn piano without the advice of a good teacher, you will likely learn things incorrectly. Even worse, you will keep making the same mistakes over and over again making it more difficult to correct them in the future. If you take piano lessons from a knowledgeable teacher, they will show you the correct way to execute or at least give you a few options so that you don't spend your time unlearning something that you learned the wrong way. It's much easier to learn right the first time than to unwind bad habits.

Get Inspired on the Piano

Taking piano lessons regularly will keep you inspired. If you learn from good teachers you should be in awe of what they are able to play. If you are not in awe of what your teacher can do it's time to find another teacher. If your teacher impresses you with their skills it gives you something to work towards. Being inspired at the piano can go a long way!

Broaden your Musical Tastes

When taking piano lessons, you will hopefully be exposed to musical types and songs that you didn't know about before. The more music you expose yourself to the more you will be able to learn from each. Music is a language and the more ways you can learn to speak it the better your playing will be.

Stay Scheduled with Piano Lessons

If you know you have piano lessons every week or even every month, you know you need to practice so that you don't show up to your lessons empty handed. Sometimes just simply having a regular schedule forces you to practice. If you don't have lessons scheduled with a teacher it's much easier to say "oh, I'll just practice another day".

About the Author: Michael Kinney

I have played piano since I was 5 years old. I started in classical and then quickly moved to blues and jazz. I studied at the collegiate level and have played professionally since I was 16. My favorite piano players (if I had to pick 3) include Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson and Herbie Hancock). I own several keyboards but always prefer to play on a Steinway if one is available! I live to perform as much as I like to teach.

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