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How to Play Everything by Michael Buble

Play Michael Buble's Everything on the Piano - Part 1

Per the request of one of our site visitors, we have put together a 4 part tutorial on how to play Everything by Michael Buble on the piano.

Michael Buble's Everything - The Intro

The video starts by explaining the introduction to the song which is very cool rhymically but pretty simple melodically. Let's start with the bass notes on the left hand. They are:

D - B - E (2x) - D

The important thing to note on this pattern is the rhythm. You'll want to push on the B note and the 2nd E note. By push, I mean you won't be landing right on the beat for those notes. Instead, you'll be hitting those notes just before the beat. I recommend practicing these notes in your left hand with a metronome so you get used to pushing the beat.

In the right hand, you'll be playing a melody that outlines the following chords:

D major (A-D-F#)

B minor (B-D-F#, or F#-B-D)

E major add 9 (G#-B-F#)

E minor (G-B-E)

Last Turnaround Chords (happens after the E minor on the third time through):

G minor major 7th (LH Bass Note: G, RH: G-Bb-F#)

A7b9 (LH: A, RH: G-Bb-E) or, instead you can put Bb in the bass making it a Bb altered chord. Keep in mind there are several ways you can go back to the D Major. He commonly uses the Gmin(maj7) moving to A7b9 you you might want to stick with that when first learning. Once you get comfortable you can play around with other options.

Sus chord right before singing starts:

D sus4 (LH: D, RH: G-D, or G-A-D)

To practice, you might want to start by just playing these chords in your right hand with the same rhythm as your left hand. This will be easier than playing the melody with the left hand right off the bat. It is best to get used to the chords and their sound with the left hand before adding the right.

Michael Buble's Everything - The Verses

Well since you've already learned the intro, you've already almost completed learning the verses progression--pretty nice, right?

The verses follow the same chords as outlined above. Make sure you play them with the correct rhthym (ie those rhythmic pushes discussed earlier).

Here is an outline of the chord structure through the verse:

D major: LH: D, RH: F#-A-D

Bminor: LH: B, RH: F#-B-D

E Major: LH: E, RH (1x):G#-B-E, RH (2x) B-E-G#

G major: LH: G, RH: G-B-D

A7sus: LH: A, RH: D-G-A-D

D major: LH: D, RH: F#-A-D

D sus4 (LH: D, RH: G-D, or G-A-D)

>>Click Here to Proceed to Part 2 of Michael Buble's Everything Free Piano Lesson

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