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LessonRating is the premier website designed to help music teachers and students. We work with music teachers across the country to help them connect with students looking for lessons in their local area. As a result of our extensive presence on the web, our program helps thousands of students connect with local teachers every month. Since our beginnings in 2008, LessonRating has helped connect over 150,000 students with teachers nationwide.

LessonRating is an exclusive teacher marketing company that allows teachers to browse available student requests in their local area, receive direct communication from students, and be part of an active music teaching community. We believe that those who actually teach the lessons should be able to set their fees and keep 100% of the student payment for the lessons. We do not take any lesson fees from the student. You handle all student payments and billing and keep any profit for yourself. Our job is simply to refer the student to you and then you take it from there!

If you are looking for a cost effective and easy way to fill out your student roster, you've come to the right place! Take the next step and make sure you get found by more students today!

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Pro Web Page

Create a web page that says exactly what you want about you and your lessons. Add photos, videos, post student reviews and more!

Featured Listing

With our paid memberships, make your services stand out and be featured in our directory as a top teacher in your local market.

Local Advertising

Your listing will be promoted via Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL as well as many other top online publications. Get found easily!

Access to Students

Each month, the LessonRating Network receives thousands of requests from students seeking teachers. Get immediate access to these students.

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*If during membership we do not deliver the minimum amount of student referrals within your defined mile radius (must be 10 miles or greater), we will refund 100% of your membership fee!

What Our Members Are Saying

I did receive through Lessonrating 4 students (2 households), and they both came in one week. September is a difficult month to find students, because school just started, and everyone needs to get settled. I am very happy with your program!

Diana Degamon

Ronkonkoma NY

I would like to praise LessonRating.com. For me they have been by far the best site for obtaining students. I have gotten more working leads from this company than all the other third party lesson sites put together. Not only that, the management is approachable and easy to work with and also eager to help. For me LessonRating.com is head and shoulders above the other players in the game.

Cameron Weckerley

Kansas City MO

Some of my best students have come through LessonRating

Irene Diamond

New York NY

I have had outstanding success with LessonRating lesson requests. I started 3 new students last week and one's boy friend will begin this week. Thanks again!

Patricia Cachopo

Santa Clara CA

What Our Members Are Saying

Things with LessonRating are going great. Just picked up a violin student last week. I don’t have high traffic, but I figure that if there’s one student a year, they pay for the entire annual subscription fee with just one month of lessons. So, I’m hooked !

Anna Ferraro

Big Sandy TX

I spent money on newspaper advertising and got 1 call, but no new students. Then I had a web site made for my studio. The cost was significant, and the process to access the calls and e-mails was impossible. LessonRating has given me students. Thanks! Linda

Linda Marolf

Las Vegas NV

This is the very best service that I have ever used. Some of my finest students found me through it, and I recommend it exclusively to my colleagues and students entering the marketplace. It's particularly helpful for finding transfer students moving to the area.

Ryan Smith

For the record, I love your site! I have gotten A LOT of students from LessonRating. Best one out there as far as I can tell!

Kim Gant

Hickory NC

I want to express my appreciation for www.LessonRating.com. When I joined, my goal was to use my performance background and Master’s Degree to teach piano students. It is important that I promote myself on a great web site, that is productive and safe for my students and me. LessonRating.com achieves the highest level of excellence in all categories. When I joined the team, I received contacts for lessons almost immediately. I have enjoyed a full schedule of students at all times. It is amazing - when I want to expand my student population, the site provides me with wonderful students, who are eager to learn how to play the piano. I will always be a member of LessonRating.com. Their friendly and helpful staff is beyond compare. They care about the teachers and the student’s satisfaction and are continually providing guidance and encouragement. Thank you all!

Caroline Becker

Miramar Beach FL

This has been a great program and I have gained some wonderful students because of it!

Colleen Tolva

Vancouver WA

We have been getting a lot of leads lately from LessonRating and I love the service! There are a good amount of online directories that do not get the same results.

Maestro Studios

Haddonfield NJ

…I have so far signed up two students from your services, so thanks so much!

Barbara Ehrlich Piano Studio

Basking Ridge NJ

I love your service. I am a successful piano teacher in great part to this service. One of my piano teaching friends moved to New York and I told her that she has to sign up. Your site is amazing for business. I don't advertise except through your company

Annette Klover

Pullman WA

LessonRating.com is the only site that I have gotten students from...

Mary Slaton

Opelika AL

The membership is working out very well for me. Great way to obtain students at minimal cost. Thank you

Larry Minsky

Plantation FL

Let me take this opportunity to let you know how wonderful your site is. My internet visibility increased ten-fold and have picked up a few new students. You have a very organized and extremely high visibility ranking...congratulations on such a fantastic site ; which is a true resource and gem for the piano teacher!

Marilou Padilla Gallardo

Oxon Hill MD

Wow! Your website is highly effective. I am almost at my maximum student capacity after only 3 months. All my students have been quality students/parents.

Caroline Becker

Miramar Beach FL

Your site has been very successful for me.

Wendy J Dembinski

Wauwatosa WI

I have enjoyed your service and wanted to let you know that over half of my 30 students have come from it!


THANK YOU so much for including us in LessonRating.com!!!! Our piano studio continues to grow steadily this Fall, thanks largely to you!!!! We are so grateful to be amongst your teachers. Again, our sincere thanks!!!

Neal Wegener Highlands Ranch Piano, Inc.

Cary NC

I enrolled 4 students and had many other inquiries from your site. It was definitely worth every penny of the yearly subscription

Kristine Clay

Membership is going really well. I have enrolled 3 students so far, and this is, I believe, the slow time of the year for enrolling students. My colleague, who is also a LessonRating member, has enrolled 2 students. We are both very pleased.

Martha Blakely

Annapolis MD

My LessonRating membership has been great. I have a had a handful of trial lessons every few months coming from LessonRating, and overall the experience has been very positive. I like the way the site is set up, and it has even improved over the last few months - noticeably - in both user interface, and overall look and feel.

Adam Edison

Falls Church VA

I really enjoy this website and have gotten some great contacts, with some students starting this summer.

Lisa Knies

You have always been helpful, gracious and the product is excellent. My New Year's resolution is never to let my membership with LessonRating.com lapse again!

Peter Brownlee

Bend OR

I am very glad that you encouraged me to stay through the trial period. I started one new student today, and have another new student scheduled to begin next week. Both accessed me via LessonRating.


I am very pleased with the service you provide to piano teachers.

Eleanor Van Pelt

Latham NY

Thank you for the lesson request from Nita for her niece Simone. An appointment has been arranged for September 2nd to discuss details. I am also teaching Arron and Alex which you referred a while back. Thank you again

Betty Haynes

Upper Marlboro MD

Your service is wonderful and has provided me with new students!

Celeste Center

Vero Beach FL

Your site is well done and informative. Its a refreshing change from many I've seen. Thank you for that!

Barb Granneman - Midwest School Of Music

Brownsburg IN

Hi Recently I received many phone calls from student parents through the ad from your website. Thank you for your help. Your website is very helpful.

Dr. Hsin-Lan Chien, NCTM

Marietta GA

Dear LessonRating I would like to thank you for the good work that you do. I have a new student thanks to you. Many thanks

Susan Hardee

Leesburg GA

I am very pleased with your site. I have added several wonderful students to my studio this year and they found me through your site. I am very pleased to be part of this website.

Susan Alcon

Greensboro NC

Because of the works of your wonderful website, my piano schedule is as full as I will allow. Thanks so much for your referrals from this site.

Kari Raflik

Tracy CA

All of the students that I have now, except for two who found me by way of a voice teacher, came from my ad on your website. I am grateful you provide a way to advertise that doesn't cost me a fortune and keeps me as busy as I care to be.

Myra Best Christeck

Green Valley AZ

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