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How to Play Everything by Michael Buble - Part 3

Play Michael Buble's Everything on the Piano - Part 3

The La-La Part Over the Intro Lick

The hardest part of this part of the song in my opinion is getting all the parts to line up properly. Essentially you'll have three things going on at once:

  1. The left hand bass pattern
  2. The right hand melody line
  3. The vocal la-la part

Let's start by spelling out the La-La melody since that's the only part you haven't learned yet. Those notes are the following:


Once you get those notes in your ear, start by singing those notes while playing the left hand only. To get this correctly, pay attention to the rhythm and how the pushes align with the la-la melody. It helps to remember that the la-la melody always falls on the beat (ie there are no pushes). Practice this slowly and in sections. If there is a particular part that is giving you trouble, isolate it and repeat it slowly.

The Chorus Modulated up a Whole Step

So now that you have the la la part down, unfortunately Buble makes the next chorus tricky for you because you have to play it all up a whole step. Think of it this way, play everything exactly as you did in the first chorus but this time move every note you play and sing up two half steps or up one whole step. The same will be true for the opening lick you learned. You'll need to learn it again but this time play everything up one whole step.


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