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Conover Studio

Conover Studio - Piano Lessons

Powhatan, VA 23139

27.26 miles from Richmond, VA

Greetings everyone! I have had the privelege of teaching hundreds of students in the Powhatan/Amelia/Cumberland Counties throughout the past 20 years. I have just recently returned from Daytona Beach Florida where I served as Organist, Director of Music for the Basilica of Saint Paul . Over the years I have traveled out of state and county as a performing musician in addition to teaching piano lessons. I am happy to announce that I am retired ...

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Richmond, VA

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Mary P Fleming

Mary P Fleming - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23226

0.16 miles from Richmond, VA

Elizabeth Rex Spiers

Elizabeth Rex Spiers - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23229

1.59 miles from Richmond, VA

Sharon G Stewart

Sharon G Stewart - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23226

1.61 miles from Richmond, VA

Anne M James

Anne M James - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23229

2.14 miles from Richmond, VA

Karmalita Bawar

Karmalita Bawar - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23235

2.42 miles from Richmond, VA

Suzuki Piano specialist. Trained under Dr. Haruko Kataoka, co-founder of Suzuki Piano Method with Dr. Suzuki, until her death in 2004. Continues to research under Mrs. Kawamura and Mrs. Ogiwara of Matsumoto, Japan. Works with students ages 2 and older on classical piano foundation, emphasizing technique and tone production....

Betsy Cole Wells

Betsy Cole Wells - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23230

2.49 miles from Richmond, VA

Rita Busse Gulliksen

Rita Busse Gulliksen - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23225

2.74 miles from Richmond, VA

Lee T Slatton

Lee T Slatton - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23229

3.08 miles from Richmond, VA

Harriett H Gilchrist

Harriett H Gilchrist - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23228

3.93 miles from Richmond, VA

Mary Jane Fitzpatrick

Mary Jane Fitzpatrick - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23225

4.87 miles from Richmond, VA