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Cassandra Lacey

Cassandra Lacey - Piano Lessons

Midlothian, VA 23112

3.63 miles from Chesterfield, VA

Director, Swift Creek Academy of the Performing Arts, teaching piano, voice, preschool music and recreational music making. Over 30 years experience....

Lynn S Redford

Lynn S Redford - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23236

4.26 miles from Chesterfield, VA

Kimberly W Peachy

Kimberly W Peachy - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23236

4.75 miles from Chesterfield, VA

Julieta Pineda

Julieta Pineda - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23236

4.78 miles from Chesterfield, VA

Ann Bosch

Ann Bosch - Piano Lessons

Chesterfield, VA 23114

5.65 miles from Chesterfield, VA

Kristen Brandt

Kristen Brandt - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23237

8.2 miles from Chesterfield, VA

10 years of piano teaching experience. Bachelor's degree in Family and Child Development....

Mary Jane Fitzpatrick

Mary Jane Fitzpatrick - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23225

9.9 miles from Chesterfield, VA

Karmalita Bawar

Karmalita Bawar - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23235

9.95 miles from Chesterfield, VA

Suzuki Piano specialist. Trained under Dr. Haruko Kataoka, co-founder of Suzuki Piano Method with Dr. Suzuki, until her death in 2004. Continues to research under Mrs. Kawamura and Mrs. Ogiwara of Matsumoto, Japan. Works with students ages 2 and older on classical piano foundation, emphasizing technique and tone production....

Rita Busse Gulliksen

Rita Busse Gulliksen - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23225

10.51 miles from Chesterfield, VA

Melissa W Marrion

Melissa W Marrion - Piano Lessons

Richmond, VA 23225

10.62 miles from Chesterfield, VA