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How to Play She's Got a Way by Billy Joel Part 2

Okay. So the next part, the chorus, bridge, landing on this G. So you're playing off. What it usually does is kind of this run up this G pentatonic scale. So the notes to that-- actually guess I leave out the A, but we'll put the A in. So the notes to this scale are G, A, B, D, E, G. Pentatonic scale because it's five unique notes. Pent, five. So what I do is take each within an octave and kind of practice going up and down. And then once you get to the final G chord, starting on this beat you go and we're landing on a D chord up there. But let me do that again. "Anyway," So again, just that run up the G pentatonic scale, landing on the D chord up here. Now, when we lands on that D chord that's when the vocal goes, "She comes to me when I'm feelin' down, inspires me without a sound. She touches me." So what did I do there? We started on D, that's the beginning of it, with the D chord. We'll just stick with this for now, I guess, in a position. Then we're going to go to an A minor chord, so we've got A, E, A and the bass. Right here we got E, A, C, and sometimes if I want to make it a little bit fuller I'll double this C down here with my thumb. Or you could also make it an A minor 7 by adding this G. So either way it's an A minor chord. So "She comes to me when I'm feelin' down." Next chord is just, that same G chord that we played a ton of times and "Inspires me," we can do different versions here. "Inspires me." This goes to a G minor. So really all you have to do is move your thumb down here down to a B flat. "Inspires me without a sound." And what I usually do is make this a minor 9 chord. And what that is adding is the A in here. And you could either put it right there or you can stretch and pull it up top."Comes to me when I'm feelin' down. Inspires me without a sound." The A is actually in the melody though, so it's nice to throw it in there. "Without a sound, she touches me." And here we're going back to that same D. Here's a cool kind of fancy chord here. After there you do a F sharp 7. So what do we got? We got F sharp, C sharp, F sharp, A sharp, C sharp, B. This one will probably feel little bit weird under your fingers. So D, F sharp 7. Then I'll bring my bass note up to an A sharp here. So check it out. D, F sharp 7, F sharp 7 over A sharp, and that resolves to a B minor. D, F sharp 7, F sharp 7 over A sharp, B minor. And that's, "Touches me, I get turned around." So on that "turned around" you're really making this nice climb up. "Turned around." And then I'll even keep climbing up. The next chord is D and then D over F sharp coming to G. So let me do that all again. Now I'll call the chords out. D, F sharp 7, F sharp 7 over A sharp, B minor, D, D over F sharp, back to our G, which brings us back to the verse. Let me do that whole part. "Anyway," climb up. "She comes to me when I'm feelin' down, inspires me without a sound. She touches me. I get turned around. Oh, she's got a way." Back to the verse then. Play this one more time for you. There's really this nice kind of that slides us into the B minor and slides us into the G. And again, like I said before, try different inversions. So what's it sound like if you go ? So a whole different way to play it. You could even arpeggiate it just to practice it. Just kind of make an exercise out of it and in doing that you'll get it more comfortable under your fingers. So that is the chorus, bridge, whatever you want to call it, and again, it brings you right back to the same verse. The rest of it we've already gone through. Okay. So that's essentially all there is to the song. But now let's talk about just a couple things that you can add to it to make it a little bit more interesting on certain parts.

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