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The Spanish Jewish Scale

Best Uses of the Spanish / Jewish Scale

In this video, we're going to discuss how to build what's called a Spanish scale or Jewish scale. You've probably heard them. They sound like this. I think of like the snake charmer type sound, if that helps you remember it. But, the way we are going to construct it is the same way we do with all the other scales, thinking in terms of intervals. In this scale, the three intervals we're going to be dealing with are whole steps. That's a whole step where you skip a note and half steps. And the third interval is minor thirds. Minor thirds are where you skip two notes. So, that's a minor third. You've got two notes that you skipped. That could be a minor third. That's a minor third. That's a minor third. Anywhere where you skip two notes. So, to construct this scale, it consists of a half step, a minor third, a half step, a whole step, a half step, a minor third and a half step. So, we'll say that again. That's half, minor third, half, whole, half, minor third, half. So, that is the Spanish scale or Jewish scale. And what you want to do, like all the others, is pick any key center and build the scale up and down from there using that formula and get each one of them under your fingers, and you'll be able to utilize it and hear it in different songs that you listen to.

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