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Make Practicing Piano Scales Fun

Hello and welcome to LessonRating.com. Here is another video, this is just kind of a cool scale exercise I like to do and really its purpose is to help you to understand your scales and know how to weave in and out of them instead of just doing the regular practicing up and down of the same scale. One thing to challenge yourself with is to try to go up but change scales within each octave. Do an octave of the C major scale and once you finished it, go up a half step and do the octave of the next scale starting from that half step.

Here is an example. C major, now go up a half step and do C sharp major. Now go up another half step and now you're going to be at D, do D major. Now you are going to be at E flat if you go up a half step or D sharp, whatever you want to call it. Then go up again, now you are at A and so you can do that exercise all the way up the piano. It's a nice way to really get your mind not staying in the exact same scale. Then you can also do it going down. Either way it's more exciting than just going up and down.

When you try to practice your scales, trying to make it different and more challenging each time you practice it. That's one way you can look at it. Sort of connecting those scales and the sky is the limit. I mean you could do, I was going in a half step up each time I got to the next one but you could do a whole step for example. You finish C then you are going to go up a whole step, now you are at D. Then you finish D now you are going to go up a whole step and now you are at E. Up a whole step F sharp. Up a whole step G sharp. Again, a nice way to try and think of scales differently and hopefully it's a little bit more fun and more challenging

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