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How to Play Suspended Chords

Playing Suspended Chords on the Piano

In this video, we're going to discuss suspended chords. We're going to just simplify them just in how you would see them in regards to a triad. So if you're talking about a C major triad, sometimes you'll see on a music sheet it says Csus4. What that means is C suspended fourth. You're basically adding the fourth to it. So you're removing the third and putting the fourth in it. So basically, if this is one, three and five, and C suspended fourth is going to have that in it. It's a nice-- the reason it's called suspended, it kind of gives you some suspense before it resolves back to that third there. So play around with the different versions of it. Another suspension you can use is using the second. So sometimes you'll see Csus2 and that's just, instead of doing the fourth, you're doing the second there. You can see, my right hand, I've got this D in there, in place of the regular third. So just even messing around in the key of C with those suspended fourths, you can really get a pretty sound. So those are suspensions to use, the second and the fourth.

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