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Harris Academy Of The Arts

Lincoln, NE 68516 (map)

Lessons Offered

Bass, Clarinet, Composition, Fiddle, Flute, Guitar, Keyboard, Music Theory, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Singing, Trumpet, Viola, Violin, Music

Where are Lessons Offered

In Teacher Studio

In Student Home

About Me

Harris Academy of the Arts began as Harris Music Studio in 2004 by Vicki Train Harris. Her dedication to music and passion to see others grow include much more than music alone. From the beginning, Harris provided lessons with highly-trained instructors for budding talent of all ages.

Harris Academy of the Arts is committed to excellent instruction of diverse art disciplines for all ages in an encouraging atmosphere that spurs creativity and increasing skill. We hold high standards of ethical values, continued professional education, and discipline. We encourage performances of versatile ensembles for a wide spectrum of audiences and events throughout local and regional venues. Our passion is to instill the joy and enrichment of music in the lives of students, who in turn take pride in personal fulfillment and artistic achievement.

To maintain a high-quality program that is reputable, professional, well-respected and much sought after for music and arts education.

Quick Facts (updated August, 2011)
Number of Students: Average of 350
Number of Instructors: 15
Total Years of Instructor Experience: Approximately 125-150 Years
Suzuki Experience: Combined 44 Years
Kindermusik Experience: Combined 15 Years
Children’s Music Academy Experience: Combined 11 Years
Number of Group Classes Each Week: Approximately 15
Year that Harris Academy of the Arts First Opened in a Retail Setting: 2004
Percentage of Private-Lesson Students Returning to Harris: Nearly 90%
Number of Harris Student Performances Each Year: About 35
Number of Instructor Performances through Harris Each Year: About 45
How our students come to us: Overwhelming by word of mouth!

Monday–Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

2935 Pine Lake Road, Suite C, Lincoln, NE 68516

Instruments Taught:
Piano, Keyboard, Voice, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Horn, Tuba, Percussion, DJ, Theatre, Kindermusik, Children Music Academy,

My Musical Education Background

All music and arts academies are not the same. Our exceptionally high standards for instructional methods and faculty expertise provide our students with the best experience and education possible. In order to create a great learning environment, college-trained instructors are paired with students based on personality and interests. Most instruments are taught by multiple instructors in order to best fit our students’ learning styles.

What Our Instructors Say:

From Jeff Kuhl:“There’s no place in the Lincoln area where students can get such a well-rounded, full musical AND theatrical experience other than Harris Academy of the Arts.”

From Anne Ghormley:“I have thoroughly enjoyed working at Harris Academy of the Arts. The staff and instructors work hard to make it a warm and welcoming environment for students. What a pleasure it is to work with talented instructors! They keep me motivated to be at my best, and it’s an incredible resource to have so many knowledgeable folks under one roof. I consider it a blessing to work here.”

From Stephanie Varilek:“Harris Academy of the Arts is an inspiring place to teach. I am constantly impressed with the quality of education that takes place, and the desire of each instructor to teach students to love music and pursue it passionately. I love to see students grow in their musicianship as well as their character while at the studio.”

From Jentry Barrett:“Teaching at Harris Academy of the Arts in Lincoln, NE has been one of the most enriching teaching positions of my life. I have taught in other studios and organizations throughout the country and Harris Academy of the Arts has the most to offer me as a teacher.”

Genres and Subjects Taught


Private lessons are focused on the individual, where students of all ages and skill levels meet with an instructor who is an expert of their respective instrument. With individual attention and goal setting, private lessons guide you in a personalized track for your appropriate learning level. Our motivation system encourages students with worksheets, concert attendance, reports, use of flash cards and more.

We offer three methods of private lessons – traditional, team and non-traditional – to meet the individualized learning needs of each student. See below for descriptions of each. View the above photos for a description of instruments offered.

Siblings may be present in private lessons if quiet, still and observing, to ensure quality instruction. Sibling attendance does not apply to group lessons or Kindermusik.


August 1 — June 30

July Private Lessons: July 1 — July 31 (By appointment and based on teacher availability)

TRADITIONAL Private Lessons:Experience one-on-one instruction with our traditional method of private lessons for a variety of instruments. Traditional private lessons meet once a week in an atmosphere that promotes individualized attention.

NON-TRADITIONAL Private Lessons:If you have ever struggled with scheduling lessons around your work or life schedule, or if you only need a few lessons for an audition or special performance, we make it possible for you to receive the instruction you need. This non-traditional approach is not recommended for developing musicians acquiring skills to refine their instrument. However, we recognize individual circumstances warrant a different avenue of receiving instruction. Lessons are by appointment and are scheduled based on availability.Payment must be received prior to scheduling your lesson. Further, because of the variability of these classes, there are no refunds. Credit may be applied to a future non-traditional lesson only if 48 hours of notice is provided prior to the lesson.

TEAM METHOD Lessons:Parents can enjoy one-on-one time with your child as you learn to play a musical instrument. Our team method pairs parents and children or friends with an instructor, wanting to learn how to play an instrument together.

Musical Theatre
Talent Coaching
Disc Jockey
Home School
Young At Heart
Music Therapy/Students With Special Needs
Spanish Speaking Instruction


Group lessons are an opportunity for students of all ages and skill levels to explore varied arts in a welcoming setting. We offer a selection of 50-minute group classes for a variety of interests designed to meet the needs of each individual while in a group setting.

Throughout the term, we also provide special classes of varied duration, such as one-day or one-week workshops. For information about our summer camp schedule, please contact our office.

By implementing the use of materials such as books, flash cards, notebooks, hand-outs, awards, t-shirts and CDs, we aim to motivate students toward improved confidence and skill.

Many of the classes will distribute materials over the duration of the term. As a result, materials may not necessarily be received at the on-set of the class. Materials will vary depending on the nature of the group class.

Dates: September 1 — May 31
Cost/Scheduling: Contact us for current pricing/scheduling

Children’s Music Academy
Music Appreciation
Specialty Classes
Young at Heart


Children’s Music Academy (CMA) instruction is exclusive to Lincoln through Harris Academy of the Arts. CMA specializes in teaching music in a fun, positive, and lively classroom setting, where children have the freedom to love and appreciate music, while developing fundamental musical skills. Activities are fast-paced, incorporating games, songs, dances, and ensemble playing, involving a variety of musical instruments. Parents are invited to actively participate with their child through CMA.

The CMA curriculum was first developed in Southern California in 1974, carefully written and updated to develop lifelong musical appreciation and aptitude. Our courses cover all the beginning levels of musicianship and are age-appropriate, sequential and cumulative. Research has revealed that children are most receptive to musical training between ages three and six. Beginning a child’s musical experience and education during these ages provides a strong foundation for continued music development.

CMA is a 50-minute class offered to children ages four to seven who are placed in one of two courses, Junior (four and five years) and Intermediate (six and seven years).

Students new to CMA may select from “new class” options, whereas returning CMA students who are continuing their curriculum for a second term may enroll in a continued class matching their skill level.

Materials for CMA help to enhance the learning experience. The materials fee applied to the course includes a book bag, notebook, pencil pouch, and magnetic note speller, along with piano books, colored pencils, flash cards, handouts, stickers and rewards.

Basic skills taught through CMA:
Composition; Ear Training; Ensemble Playing; Harmony; Note Reading; Recorder; Rhythm; Singing; Various Instruments.

Lesson Rates

Please contact us at 402.423.7121 or visit our webpage for detailed pricing information.

Ages / Skill Levels Taught

We offer classes from newborn to 100! For private lessons we typically start no earlier than 3 years old (dependent upon instrument/class). Our Kindermusik classes start at newborn age and our oldest student was 91! We welcome all levels and ages.

My Certifications and Awards

Our instructors bring forth a wide array of certifications and awards. Please contact us at 402.423.7121 or visit our webpage for detailed bio information for each faculty member.

My Musical Influences

Our instructors bring forth a wide array of musicial influences and experiences. Classical, pop, opera, broadway, jazz, flamenco and so much more! Please contact us at 402.423.7121 or visit our webpage for detailed bio information for each faculty member.

Service Area

Student Reviews

Lincoln, NE

"Our son is having fun and doesn't complain about having to go to lessons! Jentry keeps the kids engaged throughout the lesson."

Lincoln, NE

"Ms. Jentry is an exceptional teacher! Our son loves coming to piano and she handles all the students so well. She responds to learning behavior needs like a MASTER TEACHER! She's a dream teacher!"

Lincoln, NE

"Our Children’s Music Academy instructor is great. She really makes piano class fun for the kids and assigns interesting homework. Our daughter really enjoys being in her class."

Lincoln, NE

Miss Vicki is an incredibly talented educator! My son was quite shy prior to Kindermusik and she has opened a whole new world for him. We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience and her expertise! Miss Vicki also teaches our daughter music but more than that she teaches her life skills of how to handle feedback, motivating herself, being responsible for practicing, and so much more. A lot of people can teach music but Miss Vicki uses her skills to help kids grow and develop.

Lincoln, NE

“Dear Maestro in Outreach: Congratulations on being recognized as a Maestro in Outreach for the 2009-2010 license year! Earning this distinction is a tremendous honor and know how personally proud I am of each and every one of you. You are the best of the best! THANK YOU for committing your life to reaching out to children who would not typically have the opportunity to experience Kindermusik. THANK YOU for sharing the gift of Kindermusik – quietly –tirelessly – and –oftentimes without payment or recognition. We THANK YOU and APPRECIATE YOU more than you can ever know.” “This mission, that we collectively call Kindermusik, couldn’t possibly have the breadth of benefit for children without you. I know you have made great sacrifices and applied liberal amounts of elbow grease to get to this level. I appreciate you and your efforts” (Also recognized in 2010-2011 as a Maestro in Outreach)

Lincoln, NE

Sam loves his Kindermusik class and especially enjoys the energy and enthusiasm you provide as you introduce each musical concept with song, games and the like! You have a way of pulling all the kids into your lesson no matter where they are developmentally. I also like the way you encourage kindness and respect of one another during class so everyone feels special and unique (no making fun of one another – everyone is included!). Thank you for that!

Lincoln, NE

My daughter and I have enjoyed our time in Kindermusik together. I am not musically gifted, so Kindermusik is a wonderful exposure to music, song, dance, movement and interacting with other children. My daughter delights in playing with new instruments and reading new stories. It has become our “special music time” together. We enjoy this class very much!

Lincoln, NE

I wanted to pass along some kudos to Ashley (Administrative Assistant). I always enjoy seeing her in the front office. She knows both of the boys by name (which is amazing considering how many kids go in and out of your doors), and she takes the time to say hi and ask how the boys are doing. She is also a pleasure to communicate with when I have a question about class or billing.

Lincoln, NE

I want to commend Anne (HAA Instructor), Vicki (Owner), and Krissy (Administration & KM Instructor). You are very kind and caring young women. It has been a real joy to watch you all interact with different individuals. You all seem so very interested in people and how they are feeling and doing. One day a lady came in to bring back a tape her husband had gotten a week before. She had some lame story, or so it sounded to me, yet Krissy and Vicki spoke so kindly and refunded her money for the tape. Most gracious you both were. It was most impressive.

Lincoln, NE

Holy cow!!! Well I currently have a little boy screaming I WON I WON I WON!!!!! Thank you so very much. He will be sure to get his prize next Monday. He is still screaming. Thanks again!

Lincoln, NE

Kensy, you are a wonderful teacher and it was really a lot of fun learning trumpet with you. I haven’t had many chances to play in the past month but before that I actually learned two new tunes from my popular music collection. So my repertoire is growing. I hope that all is well with you and would like to thank you once again for a wonderful learning experience. Cheers,

Lincoln, NE

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that our daughter made All-State Vocal – Alto 1!!!! Yeah!!! We are so excited and wanted to give you guys a BIG THANK YOU! For preparing for auditions! Please give a special thanks to our instructor for all her help and support this fall! Our daughter wanted me to be sure and let you know and tell you THANKS! -

Lincoln, NE

Kensy: Thank you so much for being such a wonderful piano instructor!! Our daughter has really enjoyed your sessions together and we’ve watched her love of music soar over the past months. Thank you for everything! You and HAA have been a gem for our whole family!

Lincoln, NE

Our instructor is awesome, energetic, and makes violin exciting for little guys who love video games and sports! :)

Lincoln, NE

Thank you for all you do to be so supportive of my daughter. I know she always looks forward to lessons partially for the time she visits with you all! Amy really surprised her when she came to see her Europe send- off concert this summer. Thanks so much. And Vicki…THANKS for all of your special friendship and guidance to her. When our daughter was in ballet at the spring recital, the teacher would always tear up as she thanked the seniors who were graduating. I always thought that was stupid until our daughter met you! I can see you guys have an actual friendship and a kindred musical spirit and I thank you for sharing your heart and time with her. I know we pay you all and it is your job - - but thank you all for giving your all and putting yourheart into your job and making her feel so encouraged! -

Lincoln, NE

Our first violin lessons were amazing! Very exciting to start and she’s already practiced her lessons at home a zillion times…when we got home, she did ALL of her lesson and then woke up early this a.m. and started working on it again! I hope the enthusiasm continues!! She doesn’t have school, so she spends all day dreaming of violins.

Lincoln, NE

Ms. Vicki is an enthusiastic and warm teacher, and she finds something to praise and admire in each student. She builds on those positive interactions to make learning music fun. My daughter enjoys going to lessons and practicing. Ms. Vicki's love of music is infectious, and her positive attitude is wonderful for both parentsand kids!

Lincoln, NE

Jentry is always so positive and helps make each lesson exciting. Hanna loves coming to lessons and seeing Jentry! And of course, we love listening to Jentry play the violin. Truly talented!

Lincoln, NE

Anne is a great influence on my daughter both musically and personally. She has high expectations, develops strong relationship with students and is enjoyable to work with. A great part of Harris Academy of the Arts.

Lincoln, NE

Kensy is a great match for our son. She's patient with him, but also challenging. I think he's kind of young but Kensy teaches in a way he can understand. He's doing much, much better in piano than I thought he would and I attribute that to Kensy. She inspires him. God bless Kensy! -Ann

Lincoln, NE

Thanks so much for your exceptional outreach efforts. I am ceaselessly amazed by the professionalism and care your studio demonstrates in all that you do for your clients. I can’t tell you how much your organization means to our family! You have all had such an important hand in my son’s emerging confidence and competence as a musician! Thanks loads!

Lincoln, NE

I wanted to pass along the wonderful impact that you have on our children. Saturday night as our son was going to bed, he came over to me and gave me a big hug and told me “Thank you.” And I asked for what? He said, “Thank you for paying for piano lessons for me. I really appreciate it.” It really caught me off guard as he has never said anything like this. I think he is understanding how music can impact your life. I know that he has so many more opportunities by having wonderful teachers like you. You are teaching my children, not only music, but valuable life skills and helping them to be nice, respectful, hard working young adults. Thanks for all that you do. We are truly blessed you are in our lives.

Lincoln, NE

Dear Vicki, Just a quick note to thank you for all you’ve done for our family and our love of music, especially with our son’s recital accompaniment and our registration process. It truly takes a village to help my family function and we greatly appreciate any help we can get. We love HMS, and we look forward to returning in August!

Lincoln, NE

You have been wonderful and a great benefit to my lads. We have become part of your music family – Thank you!

Lincoln, NE

My children are always welcome and the studio has a very friendly, safe environment. Keep up the great work!

Lincoln, NE

Thank you for allowing our family to participate at Harris. We love the ability to tailor make music study classes for our children. “One stop shopping” is great!

Lincoln, NE

We believe Harris Music Studio offers the best musical education and opportunity for our children. The equipment available for lessons (piano) is excellent too!

Lincoln, NE

Thank you very much for your generosity and also for your flexibility in this matter. I want to pass along my deepest appreciation to all of you as, I do believe that your contributions have made a difference in my son’s life. Whether or not he decides to return to guitar will be up to him, but I do know that his sessions with Daniel were one of the high points of his weekly routine. Speaking as a professional, I believe you’ve assembled an excellent group of teachers and musicians and the work you are doing is top notch. It has been my great pleasure to have seen you work with my son and also as professionals yourselves through the recital performances that I’ve been able to attend. I wish you all the very best.

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