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Piano Teacher Bradenton Fl Yuliya Strongovska.

Bradenton, FL 34206 (map)

Lessons Offered

Keyboard, Music Theory, Piano

Where are Lessons Offered

In Teacher Studio

Online via Webcam

About Me


Now accepting a new students age of 3, 5 ( who be able to count till 10, and knows the letters) ,, older students , adults in Bradenton, Sarasota area,  Florida.

 Call / text me :   3 01 6 5 9 0 7 1 9. 

Classical piano teacher from Ukraine of 40 years instructional experience at the State Children Music School in Ukraine and as a private teacher in USA ! 
She is the member Music Teachers National Assosiation, the Florida State & Manatee County. Her students won at the numerals competitions. 

In March 2016 she was a Judge of MTACC Spring Evaluation Test. During 2011-12 yy. she was an accompanist of choir in St. Peter's Catholic school , Waldorf MD. She was a piano teacher in Archbishop Neil School in La Plata, MD in 2012-2013y.y

Please type in You Tube: Video Yuliya Strongovska
You could watch a lot of her students video!

She is a private instructor and accompanist at her house. 40 years of piano teaching experience. 
Her  students got a First Places at the Maryland State Piano Solo Competition , Scholarship Competition and MTACC "Sonatina & Sonata Festival"!  Participated  at the Royal  Conservatory Development Test and ABRSM Test. 

Yuliyard Studio in 2017-2018:

October 28th -  27 students participated at the General Recital.  In November Jason Cheng got an excellent scores at the ABRSM theory and piano tests.

 In December 2d  38 students enjoyed us by beautiful  Christmas Music!  Carols & Cookies Recital.  
In February 10th  - 34 students participated at the Ensemble Recital , 
In March 4 th - was Maryland State Ensemble Competition. 4 duets  & 1 trio participated, and  two duets got
 Honorable Mentions : 
 Mandy & Christine Wang, 
 Courtney Edmonds & Gregory Shamenek
    In March 24th. -  Clara Vallandingham participated  at the Evaluation Test, 
    In April 15th  8 students participated at the Rockville Piano Solo Competition, April 15 th. 
5 of them got a Superior!  Others - Excellent scores. 
My 34 students ( Wow! ) participated at the MTACC Sonatina Piano Competition in April 28th 2018.  
 Two of them  got the 1st Place:
Cid Tabeta  level 4
Courtney Edmonds , level 9th. 
4 students got 2d Place: 
Alex Nguyen , level  1, 
George Childs , level 2, 
Jason Cheng , level 9 th, 
Gregory Shamenek, level 7. 
       In May 5 th:  Maryland State Piano Solo : 5 participators and 2 winners: Zachary Boyd & Jason Cheng got Honorable Mentions
      In May 12th  - MTACC  Scholarship Piano Competition 2018.  
5 of my students participated. 
Two students won a Honorable MentionJuan Villaflor & Gregory Shamenek.
2016-17  year. 
 20 students participated at the Pop Concert in October, 
 20 students at the Carols & Cookies  in December, 
21 students - at the Ensemble Recital in February, 
16 students - at the Evaluation Test in March, 
25 students at the Sonatina Competition in April, where
        3 students got a 1st Places : Rainie & Jason Cheng, Bryant Melendres! 
        2d Places: John Sabato, Hermiony Tabeta! 
 Honorable Mention : Randy L.McKelvin, Clara Vallandingham, Gregory Shamenek. 
        5 students participated at the Maryland State Ensemble Competition in March, where
Mandy and Christine Wang got 3d Places!
        5 students at the Maryland State Piano Solo Competition in May, where 
Jason & Erick Cheng got a 1st Place! 
Michaela Pape got Honorable Mention! 
        4 students at the Scholarship Competition in May, where 
 Erick Cheng got a 1st place and $100 Award, 
Mandy &Christine Wand, Juan Villaflor got Honorable Mention! 
 Michaela Pape passed the RCM test with a great scores. 
51 Certificates from  the judges! 

It is not duty , but each year the students have an opportunity to perform in several recitals and competitions. 

She teach piano by Russian, American, and Suzuki music educational methods, also how to sing. Ms Yuliya is teaching an autistic students to play piano as well.
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday at 9am  - 7 pm 
Saturday: 9.00 am - 4.30 pm

 Sunday is closed. 

Yuliya Strongovska 2018-19  Studio Policy.

Teacher Responsibilities
Ms. Yuliya will provide a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere for learning and will offer many performance and enriching activities. She will continue to further her teaching skills and music knowledge by belonging to professional organizations, attending workshops, reading professional publications, and engaging in other activities leading to professional growth. Ms. Yuliya will encourage a feeling of success at each student’s individual rate of learning and guide each student towards musical independence with a balanced program of theory, technic ( the scales, a chords, arpeggios), ear-training, sight-reading and performance opportunities. She will make piano as fun and entertaining as possible!

Student Responsibilities.
The student agrees to arrive at each lesson punctually, well-prepared, and with all necessary materials.
If you arrive five minutes late, your lesson is five minutes shorter. You reserve the time slot, not the number of minutes. Please remove your shoes before entering the studio, is the weather is wet. 
No food or drinks (except water) is allowed in the studio. Shortly trimmed nails are a must and  wash the hands before the lessons.
In order to progress satisfactorily, daily quality practice is necessary and required. Practice = at least 5 days/week.
If questions arise, be sure to ask Ms.Yuliya questions during lessons. Youth students could participate in a minimum of two performances per year. Students will also have the option of performance opportunities offered through Florida association,  if desired. The students & parents are invited to listen a Recitals, competition, it is a part of the student's education. Out of courtesy to other performers, plan to stay for the entire recital. This teaches respect toward the efforts of all performers to listen to the achievements of others and to expand and broaden their knowledge of repertoire.

Parental Responsibilities.
Encourage progress! Many small steps throughout the year yield great results! Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend lessons at any time. Parental support is a must for a child's musical growth. To help your child develop self-discipline and good practice habits, set aside a regular time for practice each day (this can be done all at once or divided into two or more daily practice sessions). Younger children especially need help with their practicing. The parent is to provide a piano in the best possible condition (most keyboards and organs are not appropriate), a metronome, and a place allowing quiet and uninterrupted practice. Provide a practice environment that is free from interruptions (family, friends, TV, computer or phone). Be financially responsible and pay tuition on time. For questions regarding tuition and your account, email. Also, communicate with me any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s progress. Be helpful, interested and supportive!
Please respect each other’s lesson
time. Do not interrupt someone else’s lesson for any reason.
Children should be picked up on time, 3- 5 min before the lesson and pick up at the end of their lesson.
Please remember that this is not a babysitting service.

Video Recordings
During private/group lessons and performances; the teacher reserves the right to use video recording or take photographs of students for use in lesson demonstration, advertising materials, and studio owned websites. Photos taken by the teacher or that are shared with the teacher by other parents or students become the property of the studio and can be used at the discretion of the teacher in regards to the studio. The studio follows online safety rules in this matter.

When students enroll, they are reserving their placement in the studio for the entire year, 9 month.
The enrollment agreement is a firm commitment and guarantees your place in the studio next school year. Tuition is charged by the term and is payment for the student’s whole course of music study, payable in advance by term or in monthly installments from September through May. You will get 36 lessons per year , so 4 lesson per month. Sometimes month has 5, or 3 lessons. Saturday's lessons will be make up because our performances are only on Saturdays.

Summer piano lessons in 2019 year begin from June until the school starts. All students are encouraged to register for summer lesson or minimum of 5 summer lessons in order to keep their slot in the fall. Studio work all summer, except  of your  and  teacher's vacation. Could be a new convenient schedule. 

Make up lessons will be taken between of the permanent scheduled lessons, aren't instead of them.

Students are taking a lessons all summer, except your short vacation, will have a priority to choose the best day/ time schedule on a fall.  Payment is at the Last Lesson of Previous Month.

What does my tuition cover?
All independent music teachers differ in methods of operation. However, the tuition of nearly all teachers covers the following:
Individual lessons,
Time spent in preparation for the lessons,
Music research
Lesson planning
Development of curriculum,
Administration work,
Give a lot of messages for makeup lessons.

Cancelled Lessons and Makeup Lessons.
Please understand that the tuition you pay reserves an exclusive weekly time in the schedule for your child. Unlike a doctor or a hairdresser, I cannot re-sell that time nor will have not extra teaching time in which to give lessons.
No payment credit will be provided for missed or no show up lessons.
Periodically, days are set aside for rescheduling lessons. Lessons missed due to illness or unplanned emergencies will be given priority over lessons missed due to social or sporting events. Teacher will give make up lesson, when the available spot will be open (another student's cancellation). Or we can use a Swap list, but only teacher will handle this Swap list.
The missing a make up lesson will not make up again! No makeup for no call or no shows. Current  student will get a make up lesson at the same month or at the beginning of the next month. 
Parents must give notification of 1 lesson cancellation  at least 24 hours in advance. Be sure to choose a lesson time a year schedule that is one in which you feel confident that you will have no other conflicts.
Emergency situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Any lessons missed by the instructor due to illness or emergency will be rescheduled as soon as possible.
Note: A damaged finger, hand, or arm does not necessarily mean a cessation of lessons. There are many things we can concentrate on with an injured hand: a theory, music history , an ear training, rhythm training, play piano by one hand, and etc.

Termination Policy
The Studio requires 30 days written notice for students terminating lessons for any reason. Following the termination notification, a 30 day tuition payment is required. In addition, the Studio reserves the right to terminate lessons with any student for non-compliance with any of the stated lesson policies and requirements.

Please feel free to call between the hours from 9 AM till 2 PM teacher will answer to any questions. During the schedule lessons with another student, teacher can not speak , use the cell phone texting or the voice message. 

My Musical Education Background

Personally she began attending a music lessons as a child at the age of 7 and studied music at Lyatoschinsky Music School for children in for 8 years . She graduated from the piano faculty at Zhytomyr's College of Music in 1976.
( 4 years)
Then she graduated Rivne State Humanities University, Ukraine in 1985 , (5 years)
and received a Master Degree in Art of Music, majoring a piano and a conductor of choir. In this way she received a pedagogical and music education. But she continuing my studies at various refresher teaching piano courses. Ms Yuliya has  a big teaching experience, from 1976 year.

Genres and Subjects Taught

Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Country music, all music you love

Lesson Rates

If a new student came in a middle of month, and at the end of year, payment is depends of amount  of weeks in a month. 
I give weekly lessons in 30, 45 or 60 minute segments, depending on age and level studied.
Fees may be paid at the last lesson of previous month for the next moth. You could pay monthly, for trimester, or semester.Your tuition reserves your time slot on my teaching schedule.

Individual lessons: 

30 Minute Session  a week - $100.00 Per Month

45 Minute Session  a week - $150.00 Per Month

60 Minute Session  a week- $ 200.00 Per Month

Group lessons , age of 4-6,  group of 3+ students:  $20 / lesson per student, 45 min/session. 

Sibling  in a family get 10% discount for monthly tuition. 
Monthly tuition payment due by the first lesson of the month. If the student is unable to attend the first lesson, payment may be mailed to address below.
Returned checks will require the bank fee.

Yuliya Strongovska

6309 36th Avenue West 

Bradenton Florida 34209

Ages / Skill Levels Taught

Lessons may start when the student is 4 years old through adult.
Fill free find and wach a studen's video : Yuliya Strongovska You Tube channel.

My Certifications and Awards

Diploma from International Competition-Festival of Children and Young People's Music in Krakow, Poland - for piano accompaniment.

Diplomas from town and region of the Zhytomyr, Ukraine Department of Culture for the many years of work and professionalism in her profession.

My students have taken part in international, Ukrainian, regional competitions, and now Charles County MTACC competition, where are have been awarded various prizes.

 At 2016 Yuliya Strongovska was a Judge  at the  MTACC Spring Avaluation test and a Monitor at the  Maryland State Piano Solo competition, where her students got a 2 d place. 


My Musical Influences

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
Ludwig van Beethoven,
Frederic Chopin,
S. Bach,
Sergei Rachmaninoff..... and etc..
Richard Clayderman's repertoire,
Greatest Hits.... etc
Old Style Jazz

Service Area

Student Reviews

Waldorf, MD

Yuliya Strongovska is an excellent piano teacher. My son has been taking piano lessons with her for over 4 years now, and has significantly improved each year. She challenges my son and her students to do their best and encourages them to showcase their talent at local and state-level recitals and piano competitions.

Fort Washington, MD

She's a very patient teacher. She's an expert in her field.

Mechanicsville, MD

Ms. Yuliya, is a great piano teacher! My daughter is studying with her and has progressed tremendously under her direction. She is great with kids and has a lot of patience and expertise. She follows the Russian School with a lot of creativity and enthusiasm in the process. She works on proper sound technique, articulation and interpretation for each piece. I am a professional musician myself and I know that it is very important to study with a good teacher from start.

Waldorf, MD

Ms. Strongovska is an excellent teacher. My child has taken lessons from her for almost two years and very pleased with how much he has learned during that time. Yuliya is professional and demanding, yet patient and understanding with her students. I highly recommend her services!

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