LessonRating Teacher FAQs

Do I have to pay LessonRating a percentage of my lesson fees?

Absolutely not! What you charge is between you and the student and LessonRating will never get in the middle of that. You keep 100% of the fee you charge your student for lessons.

Should I take the time to complete my profile page?

Definitely yes! Having current and up to date information on your profile page will help it to stand out to prospective students. You should always include a photo as well as detailed information about your lessons and what you offer. The more complete your profile is, the better placement and exposure it will receive on the web.

Do I have to pay for student lesson requests?

You do not ever have to purchase a lesson request while you are a member. Most teachers like the option of our supplemental requests programs because it gives them an extra source of referrals. Other teachers choose to solely use our service as a kind of yellow pages and wait for calls/requests to come directly to them via their directory placements. Our membership packages always include a minimum guarantee of lesson requests so if you are a full member you can choose to not pay anthing additional and simply wait for your guaranteed requests to come through.

Can I return student lesson requests that are invalid?

Though we take every step possible to prevent it, every so often we get student requests that make it into our system that are invalid (this typically impacts less than 5% of all requests). If you do receive a student request that appears to be invalid, we offer account credit for requests that meet any of the following criteria:

  • The contact information provided is invalid
  • The student incorrectly entered their location
  • The student is looking for lessons on a different instrument than the one noted on the request
  • You have previously purchased this same lesson request within 30 days

If you have a request that meets any of these criteria, please contact us with the student name and we will get your account credited immediately. Please note that all return requests must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the request in order to be eligible for credit.

What is the difference between exclusive and shared requests?

Shared requests are shared with up to 3 additional teachers. Exclusive requests are sold to only 1 teacher.

What percent of students should I expect to sign up?

Assuming you are calling and emailing new student requests as quickly as possible, you should expect that on average, 15-20% of shared requests purchased end up taking lessons. This means that if you bought 10 requests at $5 each, your total investment would be $50 and on average you would sign up two new students. In the end, your advertising spend works out to approx $25 per new student. This also means that out of every 10 purchased, 7-8 will not sign up with you. This will be for many reasons (pricing, timing, not ready yet, not a good fit, location, etc).