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Learn and Master Piano

Learn and Master Piano

Creator: Will Barrow, Legacy Learning Systems
Lowest Price: $149.00
LessonRating Score:

Learn and Master Piano -


The Materials You Get with Learn & Master Piano

Of all the online piano programs on the web, Learn and Master Piano is definitely the most comprehensive and best quality program that we've reviewed.  Below is a list of the materials offered with this course:

  • 20 full-length, high quality piano lessons DVDs (computer not required)
  • 5 full-length CDs
    • CDs include 120 different jam tracks
    • Turn the piano track on and off to simulate playing with a live band
    • Adjust the tempo to play fast, medium or slow
  • 110 page workbook with detailed lessons
  • Online file library included (songs, music tracks, tips and tricks)
  • Access to an online members forum to ask questions
  • Unlimited online help

Tracks Included on the Piano Lesson DVDs

  • 1. First Things First
  • 2. Major Progress
  • 3. Scaling The Ivories
  • 4. Left Hand and Right Foot
  • 5. Minor Adjustments
  • 6. Upside Down Chords
  • 7. The Piano as Singer
  • 8. Black is Beautiful
  • 9. Black Magic
  • 10. Making The Connection
  • 11. Let it Be
  • 12. Breaking Up's Not Hard to Do
  • 13. Rockin' the Piano
  • 14. A Bit of Beethoven
  • 15. Pretty Chords
  • 16. The Dominant Sound
  • 17. Getting The Blues
  • 18. Boogie-Woogie and Bending
  • 19. Minor Details
  • 20. The Left Hand as Bass
  • 21. The Art of Ostinato
  • 22. Harmonizing
  • 23. Modern Pop Piano
  • 24. Walkin' the Blues & Key Shakin'
  • 25. Ragtime, Stride and Diminished
  • 26. Jazz Piano
  • 27. Hot and Cool Piano
  • 28. Building Bridges

About the Creator

The creator of Learn & Master Piano is named Will Barrow.  His resume is quite impressive which would explain why he has created such an outstanding piano learning program.  Mr. Barrow has performed with many legendary groups in all styles of music.  He won a Grammy in 2005 for his efforts in a CD titled Beautiful Dreamer.  He continues to tour regularly and makes appearances at the Grand Ole Opry as well as on multiple television stations such as VH1, BET, CMT and GAC.  Knowing this product comes from a musician with such an extensive background is great proof that the product is of high quality.  The amount of musical knowledge that is gained from touring with the greats and doing constant session work is immense.  This is one of the highest rated authors of online piano lessons we have come across and therefore comes highly recommended from our staff.

Skill Level

Learn and Master Piano is suitable for all levels from absolute beginners to advanced professionals.  If you are purchasing this for your child, we recommend you child be at least 8 years of age to receive maximum benefit.  If your child is less than 8 years old, you should consider Piano Wizard.

Customer Support

All customers have access to an online members forum which is an excellent learning resource giving you the ability to bounce ideas off of other piano students from around the world.  You can also ask questions of course organizers or of Will Barrow personally.  It's always better to learn from groups of people and the forum is a great place to spread ideas and inspire you.

Pricing and Promotions

Learn and Master Piano is $249.00 and can be purchased in 4 payments if needed.  Keep in mind that they often offer deals such as a $100 discount.  Since the program includes a physical set of piano lesson DVDs, CDs, books, etc, you will need to have the materials shipped to you upon purchase.  You will have immediate access to the members learning center and online tools upon purchase. 


Learn and Master Piano offers a 60 day money back guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied, return the product for a full refund--no questions asked!

Ordering is done through a secure online process and is safe and easy.

The LessonRating Conclusion

This is the best online piano program we've found for a comprehensive learning of the piano.  Highest quality videos, highest quality instruction.

There are many programs that offer professional piano instruction.  Given the comprehensive nature of this program's learning materials, we give Learn & Master Piano our highest rating.  The piano lesson DVDs are professionally produced and easy to follow.  With quality camera work, you are able to see clearly Mr. Barrow's fingers so that you can copy his technique.  The play along tracks are professionally produced and allow you to feel like you're playing with a band.  The lesson book that accompanies the DVDs and CDs is comprehensive and well written.  Lastly, we were impressed by the amount or participation offered in the members forum.  Learning from others who are struggling with the same issues as you are is a huge help to figuring out songs, scales, chord progressions and more.  The program is structured in a way that appeals to all skill levels and is an essential tool if you'd like to start learning piano now.

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