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Betty Patnude Piano Studio

South Hill, Puyallup, WA 98374 (map)

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Music Theory, Piano, Music

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About Me

I treat each student according to his or her own unique personality and the style of learning and the pace at which he or she learns. At the forefront, enjoyment and success is a huge motivation to the student and lessons are planned to assign music that leads to knowledge, confidence and achievement.

I am a long-term, experienced piano teacher who delights in meeting new clients, children and families and I work to create your complete success and happiness in music. This is the beginning of an adventure that will be a happy and memorable journey in discovery about yourself and the world of making music.

My Musical Education Background

My background and education in music if from piano study with private piano teachers during childhood and continued study as an adult and having held a long term membership in MTNA - Music Teacher's National Association and Washington State Music Teacher's Association whose programs, workshops, performances, student recitals and other opportunities were a very welcome addition to the education I had been pursuing on my own efforts. I was a two-time President of my chapter and served as chairman in various other duties.

My motto is: "Education is more than preparation for life, it is life itself." John Dewey. Put the word "Music" before the word education and this quote becomes very true of my lifetime experience in love of music and the teaching of piano for 45 years.

Genres and Subjects Taught

"Piano Power" is my own method of teaching the student the basics of orientation to the piano keyboard, the notation of music on music staff paper, and the counting, tempo and rhythms in music. The student will learn a variety of songs that presents his or her ability to learn, think, plan, practice and produce using the language of music.

As the student progresses, sight reading, technique and theory develops the skill sets of mind and body that helps the student achieve fluency and artistry at the piano. There is nothing as satisfying as seeing and hearing a student demonstrate a passion for music making and putting the time and effort into achieving and excelling in music.

I believe directive education produces better musicians and better citizens with good minds and character because students are constantly improving learning behaviors, increasing self-esteem, becoming self-disciplined and more patience with themselves through rich, holistic experiences in music study that bring social, emotional, and intellectual benefits to their lives.

"Directive Education" is also teaching to the needs of the student at each lesson working from a an individual lesson plan for the student and using spontaneous opportunities that come up during the lesson to give information and instruction that improve or expand the student's understanding.

I take advantage of every opportunity to teach a concept when the student appears ready therefore, I do not use published methods with turn the page material which assumes that all piano students are alike and will respond to the organization of a published method.

Students need to be given musical concepts when the lesson takes us there, right now, in the present moment, not 6 pages over or in the next book. I can supply materials and music to meet the concept that is popping up in today's lesson or, if out of time today, it will be introduced in the next lesson.

I also teach logic, analysis and music theory at the time the student is being introduced to a new piece and thereafter while we are studying the piece. We are very aware of what we are learning in new material and we work to understand what the music page needs for us to do and how to do it. If a student is not "thinking" and hearing his voice in his head as he works on a piece of music, he is not going to be able to respond or get it right until he uses the voice in his head as his "coaching voice" that makes decisions and creates the physical response to touch and play the piano accurately. All Beginners must be taught to think constantly in the simplest use of "coaching" words.

Those who have a lot of musical experience will resource their subconscious to make use of information that has been stored there from all the lessons and practicing that has been put into place to date for drawing upon when needed.

A good student is a thinking and learning musician who is motivated and inspired to do his best. Those who find it difficult will be able to acquire the skills they need to play given more lessons and more time to develop while being supported by his team - himself, his parents and his piano teacher. A love of making music often lasts a lifetime and brings enrichment to life.

Lesson Rates

Please visit to determine what I can offer you or your child in Piano Instruction or Music Theory. I hope you will find my teaching versatile and appropriate in helping you gain the most satisfaction and progress from your musical journey and adventure in piano lessons. I welcome your inquiry and hope to hear from you!

1) INFORMATION by email or phone is gladly provided.

A BEGINNER will learn to play several tunes with some instruction about the piano keyboard, fingering and counting.

IF MUSICALLY EXPERIENCED please bring your music along with your assignment notebook from previous piano lessons and play for me.


Lesson fees reduced when you purchase longer lesson time.
30 Min/$25 - 45 Min/$35 - 60 Min/$40
Siblings may share an hour lesson

YEAR ROUND/12 Months ~ SCHOOL YEAR/10 Months
30 Min/$100 - 45 Min/$140 - 60 Min/$160

30 Min/$250 - 45 Min/$350 - 60 Min/$400
* Free 11th lesson if paid in one payment *

7 Lessons/1 Piano Party)
30 Min/$200 - 45 Minutes/$280 - 60 Min/$320
Two Payments of $100/$140/$160

8)YOU WILL BE PLEASED TO KNOW that the tuition fees you pay from the start will never increase during the length of time that you study with me and many students have studied for 5 to 10 years with me.

My studio policy and operations are based on common sense, good will and our mutual responsibilities to each other.
24 Hour Notice of Absence and 30 Day Notice to Terminate

Annual Registration: $35 Student Fund $30 Deposit - Billable

* Please make sure your email is not blocked to unknown e-mail addresses (filter) so that you will receive my response by e-mail

Ages / Skill Levels Taught

Students All Ages - 5 to Senior Citizens & Levels

The first teacher is the most important teacher a student will ever have because if you don't get off to a good start it is very difficulty to go back and make corrections of what was poor teaching or what was confusion for the student. It's important to get it right from the beginning and to grow and develop musically with successful and enjoyable progress. The task from the beginning is to build on the natural talents and abilities of the student and to teach acquired skills carefully because the mind and physical reactions and gestures of the student are being "programmed" into being from the start and at every lesson. Our job is to catch mistakes gladly because we get to improve our outcomes to build successful musicianship skills.

If a child has expressed interest in music or another art in his or her young life it is important to get them in a program that adds to their knowledge about music. Making progress is a joy that improves confidence, pride and motivation.

First grade is an opportune time to start piano lessons if the child has an attention span to focus on the lesson and the activities we are doing. The child must be able to give me his attention and co:operate with good behavior, show interest in what we are doing. Most children are very curious and eager to come for lessons and their motivation is important to come from within so that they can practice and prepare willingly at home for their next lesson. A sense of confidence, maturity and interest creates a good profile for a young candidate of a learning musician program -

Older children bring their experience to date and their interest develops quickly as they explore the piano and make music on their own, often memorizing and sometimes composing their own songs. And older children often advance quite quickly and confidently.

Teens and adults are very welcome to explore music of their own taste while increasing their knowledge about music and using what they learn in new ways to master the piano as an instrument. Music making is a recreation activity for many teens and adults that brings much satisfaction.

Service Area

Student Reviews

Puyallup, WA

Good morning Betty, I must tell you I am very happy that I got matched up with the best possible teacher for my needs. I was looking for a teacher who could give me a traditional, thorough, classical background....who would be able to teach me the way I wanted to learn. You are such a professional who is really dedicated to your work...you are so passionate about music and I appreciate this very much. I love so many different types of music..classical, opera, musical theatre, blues, and some forms of soft rock. The only thing I regret is that I started piano so late...I have always loved music and I have always thought piano is just the perfect, first basic music tool for any type of music or instrument you may want to go into in the future. I like how you described the desire to "find the "magic" that composers have given us with their music compositions." An apt description. Nancy Jo

Puyallup, WA

Maria has been joined by Keigan at PLU in Tacoma where both girls have received substantial academic and music scholarships when they graduated from PHS. Maria is now a junior majoring in music education & percussion and Keigan, who completed an AA while in high school, is now entering her junior year of college. Keigan's music scholarships were for French horn, piano and composition which will Maria's love of percussion, shows that piano lessons are a first focal point for many young people who begin to diversify in middle and high school to develop musically on other instruments. Who would have known, years ago when these "little girls" started piano lessons with me where they would find themselves today? I didn't. But, it's a wonderful outcome they have achieved and all of us who love them both are very proud of them!

Puyallup, WA

We really love your teaching, and the music you played for us was amazing, i was touched by your talent and your dedication to give back to what talent God has blessed you with! Martha & Chris

Puyallup, WA

You are the best teacher my son will ever have, we are very lucky and blessed we found you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Puyallup, WA

Kim Pangan Shoup August 29, 2014 Thank you for the gift of music you give to my daughter, and our household.

Puyallup, WA

Abby, a freshman in high school this coming September, had great news about her "tryout" to be jazz pianist at Sumner High School - she made it and will be replacing a graduating senior. Her other good news was that she was the only freshman selected for this ensemble! And, her older brother, Tim, plays trumpet in the same group. Abby has been her middle school jazz pianist for a while and is so eager and ready to step up! I'm so happy for you, Abby!

Puyallup, WA

Maria is currently (June 2013) on a 15 day trip to Australia with her PLU college instrumental department where she is a music education major starting her sophomore year. She, her mother and I got together the Sunday before she left so that she could tell me all about her upcoming plans and how exciting it was to be going "Down Under". I'll want to hear more when you get back, Maria!

Puyallup, WA

In June 2012, Maria (Senior) and Keigan (Sophomore) received their high school's band "Most Inspirational" award at end of year school ceremonies, a $ award to each and their names on the school plaque. Both girls studied piano with me for 6 years before they took up their band instruments. Maria is now a percussionist and education major at PLU. Keigan composes for piano, plays french horn, and is jazz pianist for high school jazz band. I commend these wonderful young women for their growth and development in music from the age of 6 when they first started piano lessons with me. I love them both dearly.

Puyallup, WA

I really appreciate you teaching piano to my children all these years! I hope we will keep in touch even after we move south. Thank you for all you have done for my family! We really appreciate it! Janet 9/11/12

Fife, WA

"I absolutely love my lessons. They are in all honesty, one of the best, if not the best time of my week. Piano is challenging, and with challenges comes frustration, but none of them are stemming from my lessons or your teaching. I always leave your studio smiling." 11/15/2009

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