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Patrecia Babcock Wykoff

Patrecia Babcock Wykoff

938 West Outer Drive
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Types of Lessons Offered

  • Piano Lessons
  • Music Lessons

About Me

I started the study of piano when I was eight years old and have continued studying all of my life. My family was always musical. We sang, we played the piano or some other instrument everyday of my growing up years.

I taught piano and organ in Seattle and Renton, Washington and Metairie, Louisiana for many years. I played the organ, directed church choirs, worked with Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts, directed choirs for scouting events. In Metairie, I taught general music and singing to Pre-K thru 5th grades in the public schools for 17 years.

I have been in Oak Ridge since September 1, 2005 and have had a small studio here since then.

My Musical Education Background

I have a B.A. in music and an M.A. in piano pedagogy. I regularly attend seminars and workshops to help me learn more about the art of teaching others to play the piano. Through the years I have frequently taken piano lessons from the best teachers I can find. There is always something new to learn and it helps me remember what it is like to be a piano student.

Genres and Subjects Taught

I teach a combination of private and group lessons. I teach music reading by intervals and use a variety of methods because students learn in many different ways. I try to include some music history and always include music theory, sight reading, interpretation and rhythm study in my lessons.
My students may be using spinets, consoles, upright pianos or electronic keyboards but, when they come for lessons, they play on my Steinway grand piano.

Lesson Rates

I charge by the year, but the tuition is payable by the month at $75 per month for one half hour per week. During the first two months you can decide not to continue or I can make that decision. I feel that is sufficient time to decide whether piano lessons are for you. After that students are expected to continue through the year. All students receive about 38 - 40 lessons per year. The amount varies according to how many vacation weeks that each family takes during the summer. There is a calendar showing when we do not have lessons, such as Christmas break.
I bill through PayPal and you can send your payment online from the emailed invoice or send your check by snail mail.

Children also have occasional group lessons, usually one hour on a Saturday morning. There is no additional charge for these lessons, but they are a very important part of the instruction.

Ages / Skill Levels Taught

I have taught students as young as 4 years old and as old as 87 years and I have taught beginners to advanced music students. I prefer beginners and intermediates.

I like students of all ages and thoroughly enjoy teaching. I am very patient and try to provide a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere for my students. Piano lessons are supposed to be fun!...but that doesn't mean you don't have to practice.

My Certifications and Awards

I belong to the National Federation of Music Clubs, Tennessee Federation of Music Clubs, Knoxville Music Teachers, and am a Past president Metairie Music Club, Past District Director Metairie District LFMC. At one time I belonged to several other music teacher organizations but decided I would rather spend more time teaching and less time at meetings.

My Musical Influences

As I said, at the beginning, I came from a musical family. Both my parents also came from musical families. My mother was a church soloist, my father\'s sisters all played the piano. My Aunt Margaret was my first teacher. She was a fine musician, graduate of the Chicago Conservatory of Music (one of the best schools at that time). She was the director of music, organist and choir director for most of her adult life. Both my grandfather\'s played the banjo and the mandolin. One grandmother was a singer.
When we were very small we were held at the piano while the family sang. When we were old enough to stand we were pushed up close to the piano and told to sing. A friend once told me that she couldn\'t sing. Grandma would have told her what she told any of us. \"Of course you can sing, anybody can sing.\"
I have had several very fine teachers over the years who were major influences, but I would have to say that my family was the greatest musical influence in my life.


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Patrecia Babcock Wykoff

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